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Thread: Got a GF/BF that are ok with it but maybe not all the way you want them to be

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    Default Got a GF/BF that are ok with it but maybe not all the way you want them to be

    I have a girlfriend that understands my problem wetting the bed. She makes sure I always have diapers and always makes sure I get ready for bed. But she dont know that I would like to wear them all the time and would love for her to baby me. But then again I think she does understand a lill cause I did buy a Nuk 5. does anyone have this problem and would love the other to be more involved?

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    You can't seriously expect anybody who does not share your fetish to outright baby you. If your relationship depends upon that, it's time you did some soul searching and did a serious moral evaluation upon yourself.

    Yeah, most of the BFs I had in my life knew that I had an AB side. When I am in a relationship, I value my man's companionship VERY much. I recognize that there are things in a relationship that are far more important than satisfying every part of my libido. I used to seek out relationships with men who were in the AB/DL scene, because I used to believe a relationship with another man would not work unless I could fit baby play into the mix. I am much happier now that I realize exactly how far from the truth that train of thought was. I would rather have a relationship based on strong mutual love than on my kinks, any day of the week.

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