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    Hey all. I was at the check out counter of Bed Bath and Beyond today and there was a youngish looking college age guy, or girl (I couldn't really tell which) working. I think it was a 'he' because his voice had a lower, coarse tone like a guy, but his face was difficult to tell, and he/she had feminine ear rings. I gotta say, I spent awhile looking at him trying to figure out what he/she was, but either way I found that oddly attractive. Keep in mind I am gay and definitely prefer a male appearance, but guy/girl really got my attention.

    I myself am unmistakably male in appearance but found myself wishing I could look more neutral. Anyone else here feel the same way? Anyone else here lucky enough to appear androgenous?

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    I'm not the tiniest bit androgynous myself, but I find that kind of look exceptionally cute.

    Funny thing which happened to me more than once is to think I'm looking at a very handsome androgynous boy just to discover seconds later that what I was staring at was actually a not-so-pretty looking girl. Oh, well, maybe it's just me being pickier with girls than with boys

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    By the way, sorry for the misspell above "androgynous" not "androgenous". Spell check missed it, and I was not paying attention. Yes, I think the boy/girl was exceptionally cute and basically because he was not over-the-top with make up and crazy clothes. He was very natural appearing and wearing work appropriate clothes. I think people who are trying too hard to look androgenous sometimes end uo looking creepy to me.

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    You mean things like this for example? Yes I agree. I too wish I had a gender neutral appearance and face.
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    I've thought about cutting my hair short and not wearing makeup but I'm a big chicken, that's a big committment to make!

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    I'm a man, and I'm glad I look like a man. As for androgynous individuals, I've seen some who looked attractive, some who looked ugly, some who looked bland, and some that looked bizarre. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Androgyny does provide an air of mystery which can be at times good, but not always. Overall I prefer people with more defined genders.

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    I think that would be cool. It's so interesting, and they get your attention. I must have been staring at this guy/girl who worked at six flags for like five minutes! Then I saw their name tag. "Alex" Damn! I'll never know...

    I wish I was a little more feminine looking actually. Of course, I'm 6'2 or 6'3, so that's hard to pull off...

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    I think you might like the site 'Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Beiber'. All the girls on there are pretty androgynous and ADORABLE.

    I could just never pull off the androgynous look. I have big hips and a really girlish face, so even if I did cut my hair very short, I'd just look out of place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    I'm 6'2 or 6'3, so that's hard to pull off...
    Same thing here. I stand 6'6" and weigh 260 Lbs. I have broad shoulders and could never pull off such an appearance either.

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    I'm not terribly androgynous myself, but I do really like that look. Brian Molko from Placebo pulls it off well. Cillian Murphy can (watch Breakfast on Pluto) and of course the very obvious one, Jaye Davidson of The Crying Game and Stargate fame. Bowie is often labeled androgynous but I never really thought so. He just happens to look good in makeup and glitter, the same being true of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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