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Thread: what if Thar whas a pill that makes you think you are a baby

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    Default what if Thar whas a pill that makes you think you are a baby

    OK I git this random thoughts time to time and I thought I share this one.
    what if thar whas a pill that mack you think your 3 or 4 and it only laest about 4 hours would you tack it?

    I my salth don't think I need it but I would like to try it

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    No I would not try it.

    What if there was a pill that enabled people to have proper grammar?

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    sounds like the premise to a bad story - sorry, don't think I'd try it.

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    If after taking this pill I would truly think and believe and think like I was 3 or 4. Then I'd have to say no, I would not try it,,,at least not on my own. I would have to have someone there to supervise me during those 4 hours. Think about it, a 3 or 4 year old can not be left on their own for 4 hours. I might wander outside and get picked up by the police and questioned. They'd think I was nuts or something. Then 4 hours after it wore off, I would come to my senses and be like "Oh crap,, what the heck did I do,, where am I"

    But, if I had someone I trusted, I might be willing to give it a try,,pending if I would remember everything while I was under its influence.

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    Haha....if it didn't have any bad side affects or health risks, I might, but only if my wife approved. I say that because I would want her to be my safety partner. Think of all the bad things that could happen while you were thoroughly regressed to the age of three. Suppose you got it into your head that you could use the stove top, or drive your car. Little kids do dangerous and stupid things that we as parents keep them from doing. But if you had a parent playing the part, it could be fun. Of course, what if you thought you were a baby monkey and started to throw you feces? That would be bad!

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    This sounds oddly like the movie limitless.

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    its still wouldnt been better than hill billy heroin they call oxycodone

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    I could see it ending badly after I thought more about it, 3 or 4 year olds need someone to watch over them constantly. And then if a full grown person decided to throw a tantrum and hit things, that's when shit would hit the fan. Other than that, it would be pretty awesome... provided it didn't have any negative health effects.

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    Mkay, assuming that:

    -There are no side effects that could endanger my HP
    -There is someone else around to make sure I don't do something stupid
    -It really is temporary,

    Then yes, I'd try it out. Sure it sounds cliché like all heck, but I'm into regression, man.
    Wouldn't pop 'em like House pops his pills tho... That'd be dumb o.O

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    shinx did you just say if it doesn't endanger your hit points?

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