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    Default One scary character....

    When I was little, I used to watch the Moomin cartoons. It was based on the children books by Tove Jansson. The cartoons were pretty fun, but sometimes things got scary. One episode, children everywhere had the pleasure to meet one of the scariest (if not THE scariest) character ever to appear on the TV screen: Hufsa/Mårran/the Groke/Buka/Mörkö

    She/it may look creepy, but combined with this theme:
    YouTube - Mårran/Groke/Buka/Mörkö/Hufsa Theme 1
    It's a nightmare, and has haunted me through my childhood.

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    I'd tap that.
    I'd double tap that.
    With a shotgun O.o

    Creepy lookin' thing there...

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    Why does it remind me of of the Shadow Spirit from that anime movie Spirited Away...?
    Either way, I loved that movie! ;D

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    Argh I loved the moomins!

    I also remember that episode, and the resultant nightmares!

    Why would you bring that up again? I've only really just forgotten about it

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    I see your retarded cousin to Grimace and I raise you Wheelers fro Return to Oz.

    honestly Return To Oz is a seriously fucked up movie, which is it's only good point too.

    or The Gnome king and his gnomes. Same movie. ( plus fucking dorthy's friends are creepy in their own right. A green mounted moose head that's still alive?

    Oh plus this lovely gem from something based on Mark Twain.

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