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    Question noisy plastic pants

    hey there everyone,
    i am just wondering if anyone has found any plastic pants that are still noisy? from some of the looking i have done, it seems like they all say in the descriptions that they are "quite silent when worn"... i know it sounds silly, but i would like a little sound from them if that makes sense. any tips or ideas where to look for noisy pants?

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    i'm with you, on liking noisy pants. not many about, nowadays, but, a supplier over here (uk) sells transparent pants which are noisy enough and i think that they're shipped over from the US; so, you could keep an eye out for them.
    other than that, you can age the plastic/vinyl with sunlight and/or petroleum jelly, though it's a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, unless someone else here has done the maths/experimentation - i can't be bothered (for as you will see) or, you can make your own from any suitably noisy material you like (eg. shower-curtain).
    i'd go with the making your own, if i were you, simply because you remove the expense of buying and experimentally ageing the pants to your liking.

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    i did find a site that i ordered a pair from to try out,
    we will see how that goes.

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    Fetware sells all sorts of plastic pants that are meant for the more adventurous amongst us. I'd think you could find something there.

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    Tru Eiuroflex polyurethane from Arizona Care. They ARE noisy

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