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Thread: Parents found out that, I am bi and I am also a TB/DL

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    Default Parents found out that, I am bi and I am also a TB/DL

    The video below explains it all and how I feel. I cannot write down my emotions but, I can talk about them.

    ( In an hour)

    ( summary) Parents found out I was bi, and a ABDL and went had a fit over it. They called me a pedo and told me, if I ever touch little kids I will go to jail. All I want, is to go out with this high school-er whose an junior. I am a super senior and I admit he is a couple of years younger than I, but I think he's cute from the last time I talked to him.

    I am not a pedophile, my parents see being gay and bi as evil, wrong, and can lead you to rape little kids. The only person to have a friend in the house who was gay was my sister. My mom didn't have a fit (openly) but she did when he left (along with my dad). She told me if I ever came out as being bi or gay, she'd disown me. Well, they're deciding tonight about kicking me out of the house.

    I know haven't been the best person to live in the house, but why over Yaoi/ Shotacon/ Shonen-ai?

    And why over me not wanting to work at the capital and follow in your footsteps. I said I wanted to travel, I showed an interest in Japanese culture. I wanted to see the world and become a writer (mangaka) in Japan.

    Why are my own parents shunning me because of this?

    I don't understand.
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    Man that sucks dude. Some people arent accepting of many things.>.> I know mine arent on some of my things.
    Some people think that thier children should always follow in thier footsteps. Dont worry many people deal with this
    daily. Just remeber that the only thing that really matters is your own opinion. In life you will always have people who will push you down
    but you will also have a group of people supporting you. Its your choice who you listen too. And thats a little ignorant
    for your parents to believe that any Bi/Gay is a pedo. I believe you should try explain to them what the lifestyle
    is. If they dont wanna hear it then dont listen to them rember youll have people here on ADISC that will support you ^v^.

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    Thanks, they think that those that are expecting are sick in the head too. They think my friends need help, they think the anime/ Otaku community needs to be shot or locked away in a prison. My dad openly told me about wanting to drop three bombs on Japan and other countries, he is Xenophobic but is able to keep it to himself. My parents think that all gays should not have rights and be locked away...

    I am planning on moving in with a friend.

    (Guess what I was looking at, guess? A video of Kagamine Len in a diaper along with Rin in the video. That's all that was, my dad caught me looking at it and exploded about how fiction can effect people negatively, we have people in Jail over books about gay couples *IE: people who are young and those that're adults*. Just over a book about a kid finding himself and learns about being gay. This person HAS to go to jail over a non smut story over a comming over age story like this. I tell you, countries like Japan have more freedom to express than here.

    That's why I hate living here, that's part of it. People in Japan can read stories like wondering son, about a kid who finds out he is a new half (transgender) but the minute that book, is published here this country will be butthurt. They will think the manga is smut and should be banned. They will throw ANY person adult or child into jail for it. We have no freedom.)

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    There are certain belief structures in this world that will turn family members against each other and destroy the unconditional love a parent is supposed to have for their child. I'll let you work out which ones I'm referring to yourself.

    My life got significantly better once I decided that my parents were batshit insane, and I got out of their household(s).

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    0.o Wow so they believe everything that many people have fought for shouldnt apply just because of a simple culture area and sexuality. I feel very sorry that you have to live in a enviroment where your things are disliked greatly. But like i said even though they are your parents they arent always correct. And first of all Anime is a very great area of art which now many people connect to Hentai so im guessing thats what they are talking about and 2nd gays are human too free will is given to them so they choose. Having some Gay friends myself i know what they go thru with these remarks. If you ever need a friend to talk to dont hesitate to chat. Im guessing your parents are over-Religious. First of all im a very religous person but i come to accept many things because my morals come from my own thoughts but if your parents are religous they would have realized that it says in the Bible(gonna go with Christian/Catholic) that it says God gave humans Free Will. Remeber youll always have support here.

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    They're, My dad is a Lutheran, my mom is Catholic. I love my mom more than my dad, but at this point I don't know. She will never criticize him on his mentality, she will always follow him. I guess fighting him all those years was too much for her, she just gave up. That's what my father wanted, to have her give up so that he can manipulate her...

    Edit: Anyone live in Washington, that would be willing to drive down and let me stay at their apartment for a short time?

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    All got say is good luck my friend just keeps faith in yourself, and dreams don't little other mess journey in life up to it is sad to say but if your different in the world even those we are same your outcast from the rest. In my eyes god made us, even so, we all feel pain, love, and bleed color red but no one see it and all you got to do is follow your heart it best thing you got. I'm sorry but I'm just a very spiritual person not of a church or of one religious but holy soul off all man kinds I pry the day when we all can break bread together at the same table, but I don't see a world coming to that. Even that family didn't support you it not going to make any different if you change for them all does is hurt yourself. Just love who you are and keep your faith believing in yourself in life one voice can change the world or dream someone had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisuke View Post
    That's why I hate living here, that's part of it. People in Japan can read stories like wondering son, about a kid who finds out he is a new half (transgender) but the minute that book, is published here this country will be butthurt. They will think the manga is smut and should be banned. They will throw ANY person adult or child into jail for it. We have no freedom.)
    I just have to jump in and kick off a little about this... That doesn't happen, and you know it. I know people can over react over things like shota and lolita (do you really wonder why?) But no one has been thrown in jail for owning them. They especially haven't been thrown in jail over a manga about a transgender person. Believe me, compared to Japan, America is a lot more open and accepting, individuals may not be, but society as a whole are. Be thankful you don't have to work as a salaryman, being worked to death for nothing. Sadly life isn't like a manga....

    As for your situation, I hope you find a way out, it truly sucks that your parents are so hateful towards people of a different sexuality. Once again religion rears it's ugly head to give people an excuse to be hateful to their fellow man, instead of reading the core principles about love. I hope you can get out soon, find a friend to crash with, and move on with your life. Don't close your self to your parents though, in time they may change and want you back in their life. Let them be the hateful, angry ones, don't get dragged down into that.

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    All of this happened to me my senior year in college. My obsession was writing and literature, I might add. Sometimes it became my crutch and got in the way of any real conversation I could have had. Anyway, it was my senior year. I went home to have dinner with my parents and some friends of theirs, and I had a psychotic break right at the dinner table. They searched my room and found diapers and gay porn, not a good combination. My mom sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential institution. This lasted only for a couple of weeks because she couldn't afford it, thank God.

    As for me, I was in a relationship with another college senior, but also terribly infatuated with a boy from town (Princeton). As soon as I graduated I got a job and moved away, starting my life. When you are living at home you have to live by your parents rules, but when you are on your own, you don't. I'm guessing you are not in college as a student. One should try to get as much education as possible so that they can have a better job and thus, afford to move out. People like us have to have our space. Do what you have to do to make peace with your parents, but then make a plan to better yourself. Independence should be your goal.

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