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Thread: Abandonment of Animals

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    Default Abandonment of Animals

    I want to talk about a real problem every year many people must face: Abandonment of Animals.

    Especially during summer, many people use to abandon their pet on the sides of road, because they can't keep it with them during their vacation or simply because they are uncivilized.

    How can people abandon their pet? how can they so cruel? Is like sentencing the pet to death

    Abandon animals has negative effects on their health and can put their life in danger.
    This is dangerous for people too, because animals abandoned on the sides of the road can cause car accidents, often with bad consequences.

    Luckily, thanks to the work of many animalist associations, we now have animal rights that can protect them.
    Thanks to this rights, now everyone who abandon his pet can be send in jail and must pay an high amount of money (here was decided by our government years ago).

    I want to thanks all this animalist associations for their work for trying to save animals and I want to say to everybody who owns a pet <Please do not abandon them. do not let them suffer. What if somebody did the same thing to you? will you be happy?>

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    It is really sad seeing people do this. I would never ever abandon a pet, because they are like part of the family. It's a good thing certain people have animal help groups that find animals that are abandon and try to find them a new home.

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    That is so sad, How could people be that cruel I mean even if you don't want the animal, you can always give it to someone who does at least then it has a home, and a roof under its head.

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    Good topic, Target_0! Some of my relatives down in VA have frequently had abandoned animals show up in their front yard. They even found kittens in a bag dropped in the dumpster! One was still alive and they took her home to keep.

    Like you mentioned, the previous owners many times drop them off in the middle of the road and feel they're free from responsibility as to what happens to their former pet afterwards. I think they try to soothe their conscience by thinking, "he'll(she'll) find his way to someone else's house and they'll be kind hearted enough to take him in." Wrong!!! It's true, they've as good as signed the animals death certificate when they are abandoned like that. They're still totally responsible for what happens to the animal and can't push that onto anyone else. If the animal accidently gets killed or is picked up by animal control personnel and has to be euthenized(sp?), the death is due to the former owners and their conscience should suffer for it. It's good there are laws to protect animals from such cruelty. Animals, as pets, become completely dependant on their owner's for all their needs. To suddenly throw them back into the wild to fend for themselves is about the cruelist course the owners could take if they are no longer able to care for them.


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    I appreciate the work of many animal activists, and I want to believe it will help people realize what they're doing. The high fines are not really scaring people off, fines have never scared people off (just look at speeding, did anyone ever stop speeding because of the 50 whatever dollar fine?). The thing activists can do is let people believe they're doing something wrong, and they're quite good at that.

    A lot more people are concious and understand that their little kitten or their puppy cannot be disposed of in a plastic bag with a rock strapped to it thrown in a lake. Although, if I see this topic as a fully objective thing, I must say that bringing them to the shelter will sometimes kill them as well as there is too little room and money to provide all animals with adequate care. People keep buying kittens and puppies from private owners not knowing there are millions of them already in the animal shelter waiting to be picked up.

    All in all, now that people realize an animal is not the same as a toy, I believe the abandonment of animals is decreasing

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    Well I don't like people throwing out their animals but I dislike PETA even more. For a group of people that loves animals they sure did not mind buying a large walk-in freezer to put fluffy and friends in. Then it was either the president or vice president of PETA that uses inhalers that were created from animal testing. Plus add to it that they gave a fire bombers and/or his family money is just wrong I think.

    But really I am not saying PETA is all bad but they got a lot of bad outspoken people in their ranks. I am also not saying throwing out animals on the street is fine. If you decide to get a animal your making a commitment to help nurture and have fun with that animal. This is the main reason parents don't let young kids have pets since after a few weeks or less the kid will forget to feed and clean the dog or cat.

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    I hate people who abandom their pets and mistreat them... its wrong, my friends once found 2 puppies a brother and sister stuffed under a dumpster in my old neighrborhood, the dumpster was there for remodeling XD, and they had loads of fleas on them and flies and all this crap on them, they took them home cleaned them for litterally about 2 hours and kept them for a year or two then gave them away.

    The thing I still don't get about that is, the dumpster was in a neighborhood with 2 streets and the guy dumped them on the coldisac on the secodn street -.- why go through all the trouble, well at least someone found them there XD

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    I don't understand how people can abandon their pets either. I just don't know how someone could do that. Animals aren't disposable like snack wrappers or broken appliances. You're supposed to love them and care about them....

    What the heck is animaladandon? (that's one of the tags, but it won't let me remove it) I'm guessing it was a typo or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post

    What the heck is animaladandon? (that's one of the tags, but it won't let me remove it) I'm guessing it was a typo or something.
    Animal Abandonment I assume. It also might be animal abandon as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Animal Abandonment I assume. It also might be animal abandon as well.
    Is it just me or do tags still not work? Every time I click on a tag it says page not found? What's the point in tags then?

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