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    Hey everyone! This is my first time ever posting anything so I'm going to stick with the cheat sheet.

    1) A little bit about myself:
    I'm a junior in college, loving life, and having a blast.

    2) Interest in Diapers:
    I am interested in wearing, and sometimes wetting, diapers. Not all the time, but when I'm stressed or want to just sit back and relax.

    3) Interests:
    I love playing RPG and RTS computer games. I enjoy reading science fiction books (right now I'm hooked on the Warhammer 40k books), playing paintball, ultimate frisbee, and shooting rifles.

    4) What I'm looking for out of this site:
    I'm mostly here to read up on the topics available.. as said previously, this is my very first post (ever) and I'm not quite sure how it all works yet. So please bare with me.

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    Hello, Otis, and welcome to ADISC!

    We're both juniors-- but I'm in high school, and you're in college

    Have you ever read Ender's Game? That's a fantastic sci fi book, and I'm not really one to go for sci fi, personally. And, while I'm at it, Star Trek or Star Wars? (I'm on team Star Wars!)

    Don't worry about not knowing how all this works, you'll pick it up pretty quickly.
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    BlueStar0718, Thanks for the welcome!

    I remember my high school junior year.. good times! Enjoy it while you can.

    I've never read Ender's Game, but it has been recommended to me several times. And I'm definitely a HUGE Star Wars fan! I've read most of the post movie books but once I caught up to the most recent ones (at the time) and I was having to wait months in-between for the new book to come out, I'd had forgotten what had happened in the previous book so I gave up on them.

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    High school is pretty awesome- I'm going for my license on Monday!!!

    Anyway, I'm more into the Star Wars movies than the books (being the film nut that I am), but I've read the books and they're pretty good. But there is so much epic packed into those movies, I wonder time and time again how they can make a movie so awesome. My best friend and I once watched all 6 movies in chronological order... Best. Weekend. Ever.

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    License huh?! Congrats and good luck! I hope it goes well for you.

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    Welcome to the forum Otis! Do you mind if I ask what you are studying? I remember ultimate frisbee at university lol it was dangerous, but so much fun!

    Have you ever read any of the Ender series books by Orson Scott Card? Sorry, I just realized BlueStar0718 beat me to that question! Anyway, I do recommend it!

    I like paintball, but I think it's more fun to play int he woods than other places. It just seems more exciting that way.

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    I'm studying business. I figured that there'd always be a demand for business people so it'd be a safe bet.

    Unfortunately we don't have an ultimate frisbee team here but when it warms up me and a bunch of my buds will go out and start up a make-shift game.

    And I agree, woodsball (paintball in the woods) is the best way to play!

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