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Thread: cell phone game(s)

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    Default cell phone game(s)

    I've seen similar threads in which members told which cell phones they had. I was wondering as to which game(s) any of you might have on your phones and really like. You can name more than one.

    For me, I have and HTC Desire HD and enjoy playing Robo Defense. I do have others as well, but Robo Defense is my current favorite to play!

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    The following are the games currently on my iPhone (and they're all favorites or they wouldn't be there :P)

    Angry Birds
    Final Fantasy (Yes the original :P)
    Song Summoner Encore
    Crystal Defenders

    I also have Tetris although it's not installed right now. I felt Angry Birds was a better use of the space

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    I have an HTC G2. This should be all the games I have so far...

    Angry Birds (This game is so much more addictive than I expected)
    Angry Birds Seasons
    Battle For Mars Lite (Can't decide whether to buy the full version because the Lite version has a huge bug)
    Hungry Shark 2 Free
    Easy Video Poker
    Kongregate Arcade
    Tiger GBA
    Tiger NES

    I still have plenty of space for more stuff. I will probably try Robo Defense eventually.

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    iPhone 3GS. I don't play games very often, but:


    I must get round to downloading Angry Birds.

    On one of my old Windows Mobile phones, I managed to get an emulator running to play some old GBA games - Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Time and Link's Awakening. Wouldn't mind playing those again.

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    Solitaire, OMG solitaire. I'm an addict, super hard core. I win more then I lose, and can easily handle a game of freecell in under 5 mins. I need help. Seriously.

    *goes back to playing solitaire*

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    I have a ton on my iPhone and iPad ^^;. Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Lets Golf! 2, Sonic 4 Episode 1, Street Fighter 4, Uno, Monopoly, Geometry Wars, Devil May Cry 4, and afew others ^^;.

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    The other games I have on my phone are:
    Fun Towers (card game)
    Hearts (card game also)
    Copy Cat (Remake version of the old Simon says)
    Squares (draw 1 line at a time and fill in a many boxes as you can)
    Angry Birds (started playing Robo Defense instead,,had hard time getting all those required 3 stars)
    teeter (tilt your phone to navigate the ball across the screen)
    Talking Joe Ostrich ( tickle him, pat him on the head, pet him and he repeats everything you say)

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    I have an htc incredible, and I have fruit slice, angry birds, and bubble blaster. I can't play them very well, but I try.

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    Tapdefense for iphone 4- great tower def game
    and of course angry birds - only 2 games I need on my phone lol.

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    I had jailbroken my iphone a while back, had a game similar to Halo on it.. was fun

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