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Thread: Hiding diapers

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    Default Hiding diapers

    I know Sye made a guide about hiding diapers but my thoughts are that if everyone posts where they hide their stuff, at least someone will have a working idea for someone, as for everyone the situation is different.

    Not that I have diapers at the moment but when/if I need to hide stuff I have a cupboard which has some unused space under it that you can't see unless you get the whole drawer out.

    <edit>I made a section in the wiki page How do I hide diapers? where you can post it. (you can sign it with ~~~~~~~~ (8 times ~))</edit>
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    Storage areas

    1. Old dresser downstairs. Never used, nothing in it, put both used and new diapers in it, separate of course, after disposing of used, hose it down with some sort of deodorant.

    2. Bag(s.) We have at least 30 or so bags of various types, travelling suitcases, backpacks, I will hide only new diapers in there, maybe used, if they aren't old and aren't leaking. I can't wait untill I can put these hiding places to use!

    3. Storage box. Has lots of old stuffed animals in it, problem is that it is see through, although I told my parents that I don't want to give them away, I'm unsure of putting them in there, but I think I might, so if they find one hiding place they won't find them all. I'd put it in the middle, so that they couldn't see it, because its translucent.

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    i'm sort of in a difficult position right now since i live in a very very small room with no closets. my paci is in a wooden box in the bottom drawer of my dresser. my plushies are all in plain sight (i wouldn't have a place to conceal them even if i cared).

    my clothes all go in a big steamer trunk. it's set forward from the wall a little bit so that i can open the lid and rest it against the wall. behind it i keep an old army bag that's ostensibly filled with old clothes, although these days it's more like 1/5 clothes on the top and 4/5 diapers. used diapers get wrapped up in a plastic bag and very poorly concealed behind my trash can.

    basically if anyone actually went through my stuff i'd be screwed. i just hope people have some respect for my privacy.

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    I've created the wiki page for this subject, feel free to add/correct things in there

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    I hid my various stuff:

    1.) Our grandmother clock. Just stick them towards the bottom, or the top, works well.
    2.) In my storage room behind my house. I hide them behind a shelf close to the floor, behind a big box. Again, works well for me.
    3.) In AC vents. That's why my room is 4* hotter than the rest of the house sometimes..
    4.) If it's small enough,(like a paci) I can hide it the hole in the buttstock of my shotgun.
    5.) If you have tiled ceilings, you can always push up a section, and hide stuff in the roof.
    6.) Under my back porch.

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    I would hide it in our downstairs ceiling, but I'm unsure of its strength.

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    I always try to find routine or patterns in my family's actions, so then I can put my stuff in areas where I know they'll more likely not be found. Is part of the reason why I don't hide my diapers too much. They are sitting at the bottom of milk crates covered by thousands of papers I got from uni and school.

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    Well my immediate family knows about me wearing diapers so I do not exactly hide them. Although I still do keep them out of site, out of mind sort of thing, so they could be pretty easily found if someone tried.

    Anyways mine are in the PLAIN brown box the came with in the mail, on the floor of my closet. With the top always closed with shoes sitting on top so even if you someone like a friend opened my closet they would just see a brown box with shoes on it, most likely assuming it to be more shoes or clothes inside, therefore not bothering with it.

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    My hiding place is going to be ( I say going to as I have yet to order my first case ) probably either in some homemade container in my dresser (never use it so) or in some military cargo boxes I got kicking around that have locks on them. In my family I am not seriously worried, its common knowledge that I am 'actively' into things (I'm a fur as well and got 'erotic art' as my desktop) so the chances of my family picking a lock on something or even opening something of mine up is pretty slim.

    For those looking for idea's that also don't have parents that go on a cleaning spree randomly, the more stuff you got laying around the easier it is to hide. Old computer cases work great if your parents don't go through your room, bottom of a cardboard box filled with CD's or something also is quite nifty. All the way up to the cutting a hole in your wall and devising a nifty way to conceal it back up

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    eh I hide All my things in my open closet no one is allowed in my room so I don't got to worry sept for my dad looking for drugs and stuff soon lol. He thinks i am hiding drugs lol. I'll just put them behind my dresser if he does.

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