Hi, I am Monty from the Dallas, Texas. I have worn diapers at night all of my life for nocturnal enuresis. I never minded wearing diapers at night and told my wife when we first started dating. Then in the late 1990's start having problems with urge accidents but found out that I had type 2 Diabetes and had it for while undiagnosed. That was causing neuropathy that was the casue of the bladder control problems, which by 2000 progressed to the point that I need to wear some type of protection 7/24. Having worn diapers always at night it was not hard to deal with wear full time, I just needed to make sure I always had a change of pants and extra diapers and power and wipes with me.

I have always been a DL, and enjoyed wearing diapers for fun and pleasure.

I enjoy chatting about diapers, wearing, using, and may other topics that deal with diapers.

Please contact me if you would like to chat.