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Thread: Soul calibur

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    Default Soul calibur

    sould calibur IV/4 is comngh out quite soon and im eagerly awaiting its release
    played soulcal3 weekly at university with the uni's gaming guild...
    seong mi-na
    have a ps3 so seeming torecevce darth vader as guest although am watng to see hilde, a wilder of a spear AND a short sword a good combo if u ask me
    wsh i could have used link, but never played soulcal2

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    I'm a 'Rugi/'Suka God.

    But my real talent lies in Guilty Gear XX Reload.

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    I used to play SC3 all the time with my friend, but since he moved away, I haven't played it as much.

    I don't have a PS3, though, so I don't think I can get the next one. I do wonder how they're going to explain lightsabers not cutting through wood and steel. XD

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    yeah in the trailer they show darthvader crossing swords with mitsurugi and i mean u know swords pushing against each other.. then again u see a rapier not being bent over double by seigfreids sword and members of the guind pointed out that ivy's sword would be structurallty unsound.

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    Not to mention how Siegfried has moves that impale his sword through his opponent, and not only do they get up after it, one of his post-battle speeches is "I avoided your vitals. You'll live." XD

    I think that there's also a fact that scythes aren't very practical weapons, though Zasalamel uses one very effectively.

    It's all Willing Suspension of Disbelief, anyway.

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    I wanna play as Darthvader's apprentice! It would be cool if Kratos is in the PS3 version but its just a rumor and i don't have have a ps3....

    It also kinda sucks that you won't be able to play a Yoda vs Vader match.

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    I played Soul Calibur II as well. Ivy was my most used character... I could use her perfectly.

    Didn't play Soul Calibur III as much because I personally never owned it but my brother did. I will be getting SCIV though for my PS3... its gonna be sweeeeeet.

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    scythes can be used well.. and zasalamel shows how it can be used.. character found annoying was ivy actually.

    one thing i always thoght about was, if you could replace each SC3 character with an anime character who would fit the best, mostly basing on weapon and tequenique.
    to start

    zasalamel: kamatari from rurouni kenshin
    ivy: ababrai renji from bleach
    setsuka, himura kenshin (kenshins style uses battojutsu alot..)
    taki: shinamori aoshi
    talim: okina (aoshi's former master, also rurouni kenshin)
    cervantes: maybe roanora zolo from one-piece (multi sword wielding pirate)
    seigreid (deciding between ichigo from bleach, cloud from FF and inuyasha)

    the two main ones i cant think of a counterpart for are maxi and tira (yet to see any anime characters that use nunchuku, or a razor ring wielder
    any comparsons u wanna make be my guest

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