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Thread: Encounters while padded

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    Default Encounters while padded

    This is not some fantasy ripped out of a trashy AB/DL story, it is an actual plea for advice.
    A few times a week, after work, I head over to a local bar&grill to take the edge of my day with a drink or two. A random encounter one night left me with a terrifying thought, "What happens if I meet someone, we hit it off, and we decide to get to know each other a little better?". I've started to wear at work most days, and I have no idea how I would handle this situation if it were to come up. Do I excuse myself for a moment, ditch the goodnites, and just say I like to go commando? I may not even be thinking clearly enough to do that, and ditching a diaper in a crowded bar doesn't sound all that easy. Should I instead only go out when I'm not wearing and avoid the possibility?
    Now, I live in central Utah, AKA, HappyValley, the mormon stronghold of the world, so the chances of me running into this scenario are pretty slim(those of my persuasion are few and far between). Even so, how does one deal with a 'personal encounter' while padded?

    Please, I've nothing against a touch of humour, but I'm looking for some real advice from people who have been wearing for a while.

    Perhaps the wrong forum? Feel free to move this thread if you must.
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    One thing would be to wear a pair of undies over your goodnights, then if the need arises go in the rest room and take 'em off; you can tear up the sides so you don't need to undress...

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    I almost always wear boxers over my diaper so it wouldn't be a problem but I don't have this problem anyways because I'm married. Ditching a diaper in a crowded bar isn't all that difficult but you may have to feel comfortable throwing it away in front of other patrons. Keeping a small opaque plastic bag in your pocket might be useful to obscure the fact that you are throwing away a goodnite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    I would just not wear. Seems like the simple solution.
    Say Whaaat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    I would just not wear. Seems like the simple solution.
    I agree, probably wearing while at home or something, seems to me you cant have em all "Padded at work" AND "Close encounters"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilttleJay View Post
    I agree, probably wearing while at home or something, seems to me you cant have em all "Padded at work" AND "Close encounters"
    Sure you can have both. You just have to be willing to take it off when the close encounter situation presents itself. Or if you feel really bold, leave it on anyways. If you've done a good enough job getting there, the other person might not give a damn by the time you reach the point where clothes are coming off. They shouldn't be in a state of mind to really care. I'm not saying that I wouldn't chicken out on that part though...

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    Before she knew that I wore nearly all the time, I'd sometimes get an unanticipated opportunity to meet my girlfriend at the pub after work. I'd excuse myself to the restroom, grab a stall, remove the diaper, then throw it in the trash, wash my hands, and walk back out. She'd sometimes notice later I was going commando and giggle about it, but she didn't ask why, and had no idea I was wearing a diaper when we were turning back our beers and chatting about the day.

    Most bar restrooms are small enough and the turnover is fast, so you don't have to wait long for the restroom to be empty if you're concerned about other patrons hearing the noise or seeing you dispose of it. With Goodnites, I don't think you have any issue at all since they're quiet and small enough to nearly conceal in your hand. Myself, I don't care what random bar patrons notice in the bathroom. It's no big deal.

    Good luck, happy hunting, and stay padded!

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    LOL, booze plus flirting plus grabiness plus diapers equals fun times!

    Or at least an interesting conversation. Having been in a similar situation, where one thing kinda leads to another and whatnot, you really do just kinda have to go with it. Like many other things in life, it works out to be a gamble, whether they'll flip out, think it's sexy, or whatever. In my case, it was about four years ago, I was at a party, and some booze and some flirting later, I was in a room with another guy. I was also wearing what by that point was a wet Bambino. He thought it was kinda cute, actually, although we wound up not going all the way.

    If you're at a bar and you're going to leave to go somewhere, you have two options, really. One is that you go with it, or two is that you try to excuse yourself to the restroom, hope you don't smell too badly of pee, shed the diaper, and then hope you haven't killed the mood. Realistically, if you're padded and you've met someone, I fully recommend telling them early on rather than after things have developed (I've had that second thing kill what was a good relationship, so I recommend getting done with it and not wasting time), so I'd say go with it, and if he runs screaming in the other direction, you know he wasn't for you.

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    It still doesnt convince me, probaly Im old fashion or something, but the whole idea of a bar + sex just doesnt seem to go hand by hand with diapers, but thats just probably me

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