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Thread: Why would you buy a broken CD from Ebay? I'll tell you why.

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    Default Why would you buy a broken CD from Ebay? I'll tell you why.

    I had an idea today. I am currently overstocked on diapers, and we have quite a few people on here that want to buy diapers but cannot explain a shipment and are afraid of marked mailers giving away their secret.

    What if I were to sell A Broken CD on Ebay and ship it in an envelope padded with say two adult diapers as packing material to keep it from being damaged in transit. I think a sell price of a dollar or two with free shipping would be fair.

    Just think, a parent asks what you just got in the mail and you pull up a ridiculous add on Ebay for A Broken CD from some nut-job as the perfect gag gift.

    Better yet play dumb if the package gets opened and a diaper inside is no more surreal than the certificate of ownership and serial numbered broken CD inside!

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    It doesn't just need to be a broken CD. You can really pad anything with diapers (including people...)
    pacifiersrus pad(ded/s) their pacifiers with a sample diaper. The diaper kind of sucks, but it's the thought that counts!

    Only whacksuckas like Khaymen would buy a broken CD on Ebay!

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