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Thread: How many TV stations do you need/use?

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    Default How many TV stations do you need/use?

    Today I got a list of channels offered by Dish Network the company me and my dad are signed up on. With the advent of Netflix, Hulu, etc and the constant raising of prices (this year dish network is rasing prices on their 3 tiered packages most would be inclined to order.

    the one me and my dad are on is "america's top 200". But I am missing 3 channels I do want to get. Scicense channel, millitary and Nat Geo. Boomerang and nicktoons would just be a added bonus.. not that they are showing anything that can't be haven on Netflix.

    So out of 200+ channels The only ones I watch total up to 19 stations. list follows

    So, adisc'ers. How many TV stations do you honestly need/watch? I'll be calling up dish network later on and threaten to leave. I've got plenty of games and netflix is getting better weekly.
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    I would guess that in an average week I probably only watch 4-5 hours of television. I could almost certainly do without a television as most of the things I enjoy watching are available to stream, free and legally, from the internet.

    I think I have about 50 TV channels (although I would guess at least a quarter of these are the +1 channels) and only really watch the following six TV channels (in order of frequency):
    Channel 4

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    Ya, I definitively have much more channels that I actually watch

    I would estimate that we have access to ~250-300 channels (including quite a bit of overlap/time-shifting). Personally I only really watch HD channels, which severely cuts on the percentage of TV channels I actually watch ^^

    Off the top of my head, I watch regularly or semi-regularly...

    • CBC
    • Radio Canada
    • TSN/TSN2
    • Sportsnet/SNOne
    • RDI (government-owned French-Canadian news network)
    • CTV
    • HBO

    Edit: I didn't recognize your right away F2B, with the new avatar and all ^^'

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    1. ABC
    2. CBS
    3. NBC
    4. USA
    5. FOX (I could do without it lately)
    6. Comedy Central
    7. Cartoon Network (though I haven't been watching it much for a while)
    8. Disney
    9. Syfy (They are highly disappointing me lately, such as by canceling Stargate Universe, and showing wrestling, but I still watch sometimes)
    10. BBC America
    11. Weather Channel
    12. CMT
    13. Lifetime
    14. Spike (Actually, I don't really watch it anymore. I could do without it)
    15. History (I only watch it rarely. I could go without it)
    16. TV Land
    17. This TV (local channel)
    18. PCNC (local channel)
    19. Weatherscan

    Those are the ones that I can remember at the moment. I thought there was another weather channel too, but I don't know if it still exists. It was owned by one of the local stations.

    And.... I'd be fine without half of the above stations. I admittedly watch too much TV, but a lot of the stuff is on the same channels. Sometimes I watch other channels, but that's very rare. I also watch some downloaded/streamed TV.

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    If I could only pay for the few channels I watch instead of 200 something.
    Fox on Sunday for the Simpsons. & Family Guy.
    PBS for NOVA
    ESPN2 for NHRA drag raceing.
    History and Discovery channels have gone to hell with all their added drama so their now out.
    TOON brought back The Oblongs! Yea! How bout Home Movies?
    SYFI For the Trek reruns.
    Comedy Central for Futurama and South Park.
    That’s 6 I watch, ought to reduce my cable bill to about $3 a month.

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    I get by watching only stuff online. It's a lot cheaper than cable.

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    I have over the air digital which is free so that means I only watch
    2 CBS
    8 NBC
    16 PBS

    The rest is netflix and hulu or You Tube over the internet

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    Haha... I barely watch TV as is but the channels I find myself going to most often are

    2. Adult Swim
    4. Natgeo
    5. TLC
    6. Science
    8.AMC (just for walking dead tough)
    10.History International
    11.Comedy Central

    That's about it from what I can remember. I can go weeks without seeing them or whatever so it's not a big deal. That's why I'm seriously considering going and getting a netflix subscription when I'm on my own. My parents pay like $40 for our Dish network and we barely watch TV. I mean really? I rather control my TV not let it control me.

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    Uhh... None.
    I don't watch television... I usually torrent shows by season. (I'm a pirate, shoot me!)
    Then I watch the downloads on my TV. Works nicely.

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