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    Question Low Quality diaper advice

    Hey fellas, I'm finally in a situation where I can try to wear diapers, but it needs to be a store brand because I'm operating in secrecy.

    So, it's going to end up being something like Walgreens, target, CVS, I don't even know. Can you guys let me know what would be good? I'm eastern USA, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

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    I'd have to say Assurance Overnight (sorta middle-class) then. They are cloth backed tho so you're not going to crinkle a lot, they hold more than CVS and Depends and Walgreens (low end). Some stores carry Tena, Attends and ATN so if you see those snag em'! If you can find a medical supply store they most likely have them. They are going to be more like 'middle-class' diapers.

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    In my opinion, your best bet for diapers available at most retail stores are Depend Fitted Maximum Protection Briefs. Despite all the Depend bashing folks do, they're actually a pretty good diaper. They're soft, comfortable, fit nicely, the tapes work, and the padding holds up well. No, they're not super absorbent like Bambino or Abena X-Plus, but if you don't flood them and change in a reasonable amount of time, they won't leak. They're also about the only retail diaper available that still has a nice, smooth plastic cover.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    Depend Fitted Maximum Protection Briefs. Despite all the Depend bashing folks do, they're actually a pretty good diaper.
    14 ounce capacity for 'maximum protection' 14 oz = 414ml
    A "normal" adult bladder can hold anywhere from 16 to 24 ounces (about 500 to 750 mL). This doesn't include sitting/laying for pressout or even the natural difference in body shape. The inner leg and rear thigh areas cause different 'fits' and gap. If someone (not incontinent) wanted to wear just for the sake of wearing a diaper or maybe just trickle a couple times in it before having to change again and again and again then yes! They are very good for that.

    I think where the 'bashing' comes in is when ppl suggest them for incontinence or when they try to compare them to other brands. In those cases, Depends suck. In the case of just wanting to wear for the sake of wearing a diaper then again, they are great for that

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    Yeah, the easiest for you to get would be Depends Fitted Maximum Protection. Like previously stated, don't even attempt to wet them very much. But are really comfortable just to wear. The Depend Underwear For Men are also not bad, for a super descreet item. Again not a very absorbant product, but still good just to wear.

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    Do either Depend or Prevail. I'd go Prevail over Depend myself if I were making that choice, but they're both what they are.

    Try tripling them up and you'll have something to write home about. Take a razor cutter and slice lines in the plastic of two diapers, and then put them on. Take one good diaper, and then put that one on over the other two. It'll be brilliant.

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    Assurance, CVS, Wallgreens, all the same and good easy to get diapers though not of the great capacity & quality of the online brands. Buy some, staple the tabs on so they don't pull off and have fun!

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