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Thread: Burning Nappies

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    Angry Burning Nappies


    Unfortunately for me and other law-abiding citizens the green socialist agenda has come into town and people can only put one bin otherwise the Gestapo get annoyed and charge you 60. As I put nappies in my bin, I'm going to have to burn them to avoid the Green Nazis

    Does anyone know how to make a fire burn white hot to turn urine and water to steam? Should the nitrogen in urea work for me and cause the fire to burn hotter (i.e. explosion?). I plan to use vegetable oil (plently of black smoke - ) in a metal brazier. Would adding bleach or fertiliser make it burn hotter?

    Hope to hear back soon - don't want to have a tiny fire tonight lol. Don't fancy carting a brasier to the field at the bottom of my estate and having to dump it coz it's covered in molten plastic

    I know of the irony - an oil burner engineer asking about how to burn stuff

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    60 is a lot to charge to put out an extra bin. However such a charge is not even in the same realm of evil as what the Nazis did.

    I don't know enough about burning things to give you advise on that, but I can offer an alternative. You can put trash in with someone else's. If you have a neighbor who doesn't have much trash you can speak to them about putting some of yours in with theirs. If that isn't possible you can do I have had to do before and throw the trash away in the dumpster of a random business.

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    Well this is true - what the Nazis did was beyond evil and even comprehension. Been to Auschwitz, incidentally, horrid place. Went as a school trip. Gave me nightmares for weeks I can tell you!

    My neighbour on my left has 6 teenage boys and unfortunately they have a lot of rubbish. The other side is equally the same. The nearest business with a skip is a mile away, wish my dad kept the Range Rover Classic. With that 3.9 V8 EFI it drank a lot! That'd teach those communists a lesson lol.

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    Urea is not flammable, and most of it will be converted to ammonia anyways, which also doesn't burn under normal circumstances. You don't need anything white hot to do this. Any old fire is going to burn the plastic cover, and will eventually vaporize the liquids and burn the wood pulp and SAP. I'm sure kerosene will work just fine, but do yourself a favour and don't pour bleach in it. Sodium hypochlorite reacts with ammonia to form chloramine gas, which is rather toxic and the fumes from the burning plastic aren't so good for you either. As far as I can tell, hydrogen perchloride is not the name of a real compound.

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    Where about in Scotland do you live, I have two bins and I'm sure I've never been charged 60.

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    I used to live on a farm and we had a burn barrell for every day garbage. i can tell you they don't burn easily, quickly or hot. You really need some fuel to keep them going till they dry out and given their thickness is a long time.

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    Can I really suggest that you consider other disposal methods rather than burning. I think that if it went wrong or got out of control burnt diaper is not fun to explain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruanHam View Post
    60 is a lot to charge to put out an extra bin. However such a charge is not even in the same realm of evil as what the Nazis did.
    Yep, it's only the first post of the thread and Godwin's Law is already hard at work

    OP, I really can't advise you to go burning your trash in your backyard -- that's just bad mojo, especially when plastic's involved. Is there a proper incinerator you can bring it to? Or perhaps you could look into composting. I've heard of people removing the inner material from used diapers and composting it, so that you only have to dispose of the outer material.

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    When I'm at my farm, where we don't have trash service, I always burn them. You don't need that hot of a fire, it will just take a bit longer. Just build a normal fire, and get a bed of hot coals. put a few small sticks down, then the diaper. put a few more small to medium sicks on top. Go and do something else for a bout 10 minutes (you don't want to inhale the smoke from used diapers). Come back, and 'stir' it around a bit with a stick, to get the inside to burn more. Another 10 minutes or so, and it should be gone, even if it was soaked to capacity. You don't need to worry about using oil, and definately, do not use bleach or fertilizer. It's completely unnecessary, and very dangerous if you were to inhale it.

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    Hi every1,

    I'd like to address everyone's comments:

    Location: Highlands and Islands: strange place for the socialist green agenda to appear for sure! Hope all the reds get their cummupppence.

    Fire safety: enclosed burn brasier with spark guard to prevent large particles escaping but lets all that anti-socialist black smoke out

    Urea: pity it won't turn into an oxidiser!

    Other incinerator: sadly the socialist mafia rejected an incinerator in the local area. I hope that they get cancer and die horribly as a result of their Marxist conspiracy.

    Hydrogen perchloride: yeah it's not lol. I meant to say "rocket fuel" - there was an explosion in Nevada a few years ago that had sodium perchlorate? in it; if I added salt I'd hope that it would react. Maybe not? It's been 5 years or so since I did Higher Chemistry!

    Hope this answers everyone And yes I am a conservative. I was a liberal until the red jackboot came marching into town with a hammer and sickle. I'm blue and white through and through. Scotland won't stand for this terrorism.

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    I've simmered down now with the lefties lol. My plan of action is to dispose minimally. Tear the nappies part and put the plastic shell in the bin and disperse the SAP finely inside the bin for good measure. It can be fairly compressed so there's little problem. I don't know what I'm going to do with the several bags of dog paper that my rottie makes every week. Well, I do have an idea and it's not one that you would want to hear about, especially after eating dinner!

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