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Thread: Your Thoughts on the Wellness Briefs

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    Default Your Thoughts on the Wellness Briefs

    I ordered a sample pack of three Wellness Briefs and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with them. They are fairly quiet, seem to hold a fair amount and are pretty comfortable. The tapes on two were great, however the third pair wouldn't stay taped and I had to add some medical tape to them to keep them tight.

    The part I liked the best was the amount of swelling that took place. These things balloon up a lot. In fact they balloon up so much I wouldn't suggest them for being in public, but very fun none the less.

    Has anyone else tried these? Adult Diapers: Adult Briefs, Driest Adult Diaper, Incontinence, Ultra Dry Brief Sold Online

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    yea i have been using them for a few months i found a no name place that sceems to be selling them really cheap Unique wellness adult diapers

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    I really like the Wellness diapers. They've got the smoothest plastic cover of any adult diaper since mid '90s Attends, and they just fit and feel great. They're very soft. I've had no trouble with the tapes whatsoever. They're pretty thick though, so probably not the best choice for discreet daytime wear. For recreational/overnight use, however, I highly recommend them!

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    I've been using them for a month or two and am happy. The plastic is strong and soft and they hold an awful lot. While they do swell, they are the thinnest starting out for this capacity so I'd say they're good for wearing out.

    I like the sizing too, I"m a 34 waist and am usually at the bottom of the size so the tapes are toward the middle. These are on a different chart and the tapes are more comfortably out towards the side.

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    i have gotten the sample pack i wore it until it leaked but after one wetting it felt like a 20 pound pair of pants i personaly hate them

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    I used to like them but they changed the plastic in them sometime last year to a heavier weight plastic and now they tend to be a little too hot to wear for more than an hour or so.

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    I like them a lot and have received a Email from them to order another case with 15% off and free shipping a nice savings if I do say so!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDyper View Post
    I ordered a sample pack of three Wellness Briefs

    Is the shipping discrete on the sample pack?

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    Seems we are not the only ones who enjoy them. The is the no name site selling them. Maybe those who take care of incontinent people find them useful.

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