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Thread: Goodnites/underjams compared to real diapers

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    Default Goodnites/underjams compared to real diapers

    I'm a bit too big to fit into goodnites or underjams now, and I've been wondering. What do goodnites or underjams (or pullups) feel like compared to proper, 'real' diapers?

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    I felt like the depends fitted max I was wearing hugged my butt nicer than the goodnites did. The goodnites I used for a bit were not deep enough and felt very cramped. They were also very bad at holding fluids if I wet them in any position other than standing up.

    Maybe someone who actually fit into the weight range and isn't 40lbs over it has had a better experience.

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    I am a petite urinary incontinent woman. I am 5'3" tall and weigh 105 pounds. So I do fit into the larger GoodNites, but I have not tried UnderJams.

    When I am in Australia I wear and like the Tena pull-on disposables, and I have sometimes worn Attends Youth/Small Underwear Super Plus.

    However, days when I am working I find it easier to wear slip-in disposable pads or Attends Breathable diapers. In Australia I wore Tena Slips to bed. Frankly I prefer the feel of diapers with tabs or tapes instead of pull-on. I cannot get over a fear pull-on will slip down once wet.

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    Obviously, real diapers feel more thicker than Goodnites. Also real diapers are generally better with leak proof and holding it on (by tapes etc).

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    If you are too big for them, there's no reason to get them. Even though they are able to stretch around you without ripping. the leak guards and leg gatherers stretch to the point they create a gap where the leg muscle is and thats the point that liquid settles when being wetted. when the legs of any diaper stretch too much they create a gap in that spot every time. you will be better off getting adult diapers. adult pull ups fail because it is made to fit too wide of a waist range and they really dont fit many people. they sag too much. the sizes are small / medium and large / extra large. tabbed adult diapers are the way to go.
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    o3o I've neva tried either of those. NEVA.
    I might consider it...But I do NOT wanna get caught with those on my way to ring it up in a store...XD

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    I like them actually, but they're pretty small, so if you're big I wouldn't even bother.

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    They worked well for me(At least the one I tried), have a 28" waist, and weigh about 125 lbs.
    Was at one point considering trying the Pampers Cruisers Size 7, haven't really found enough information about them to do so.

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    Goodnites feel pretty much exactly like underwear but padded on the underside of you.

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    Id say that Goodnites and Underjams are good for what they're made for, but I definitely would prefer "real diapers"

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