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Thread: The sampler I've been waiting for

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    Default The sampler I've been waiting for

    I've been wanting to try out many of the more "Premium" adult diapers but i didn't want to pay for a pack of each. I found this earlier this week on eBay and it was a decent price for what you got and in Canada so i didn't have to wait forever to get them.

    Adult baby Huge Diaper Sample Pack. AB/DL on (item 180624395921 end time 13-Mar-11 03:23:56 EDT)

    I got it today and it was just as described and discrete can't wait till next week when i'll have the house to myself to try them out.

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    I feel like you should get at least 2 in any sample pack so you get a better idea of how they feel.

    Got my sample of 2molicare super and 2 molicare as well as my Abena M3's today ;D

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    I can remember my first sample pack - The excitement

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    It's sad that you didn't get two of each, but that's a pretty good lot there. Just make sure to take good notes since you've only one of each.


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    that looks very much like the abuniverse sample pack

    oh wait nevermind that, two abena, a classico and teddy, AND a 24/7 in there. wow. that IS a nice sample pack.

    I would point out however, that the seller "abicsupplies" only has 1 feedback posted. That MAY be due to all their auctions being private, it may be the case that if you leave feedback it's visible and others don't want to leave feedback for that reason? That is a quantity auction with 10 available, 1 (yours) sold.

    Not looking that way. The one feedback shows the user, but ebay privatized the link to the item, so you can tell who bought it but not what the item was. So you may not want to give this person feedback, it wouldn't be hard for someone to look at what he's selling (which is only one thing) to figure out what his feedback leavers bought, if that bothers you.

    That's really an excellent price for that sampler, especially with the seller being in canada where getting some of those to begin with can be difficult.

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