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Thread: Who are you going to see?

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    Default Who are you going to see?

    Howdy folks,

    This is taken directly off of another forum I am active on.

    You just basically post and discuss about concerts/gigs you are going to.

    As for me, I'm going to see Taylor Swift the 7th and 12th of March.

    What about you?

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    Well, whenever Nightwish decides to visit the US again, I will go see them.

    Tarja Turunen refuses to come to the US, let alone the whole continent of North America.

    The Birthday Massacre just finished their US tour last December so it might be awhile before they tour the US again.

    Within Temptation rarely comes to the US, and when they do, you can count their performances on one hand. For example, they scheduled one show in NYC for September later this year. The last time they came here was 2007, and they only performed in three cities.

    Delain has only visited the US a total of one time in the whole band's existence. They only performed one concert in Atlanta at ProgPower.

    Amberian Dawn has never come to the US in the whole band's existence.

    Epica actually came last year to the US in 2010. I'll see them whenever they come here again.

    To my knowledge, Edenbridge has never come to the US. Ever.

    Cradle of Filth was just here a few weeks ago.

    Sonic Syndicate hasn't been here since 2008. Plus, both of their original vocalists left. Their new replacements ruined the band in my opinion so I'm on the fence about seeing them.

    The Unguided will only play sporadic European festival dates at their leisure.

    To sum up, I hardly ever get to see my favorite bands because 95% are from Europe. Unless the bands are popular enough to travel worldwide like Nightwish and Cradle of Filth, I have a very small chance to see my favorite bands live. It's times like these where I wished I was from Europe.
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    Looks like we're both on the wrong side of the pond (slowly turning into a countryhead here).

    That just really sucks.

    I was really happy when I found out Andy McKee was performing in Germany and The Netherlands. Even though I'm from the latter, I decided to go to Germany because it was earlier, and later turned out to be one of his best gigs (that is really what he told the crowd in Cologne, it was beautiful). Andy does tour a lot in the US.

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    i am off to see that arcade fire later this year. I am also hoping that daft punk will announce a tour this year. they are the one act I really want to see before I die. It would be even more of a highlight than the time dave grohl talked to me!

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    I was planning on going to a Pendulum concert a couple of towns over from my own, but my parents didn't think it would be a good idea going alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CozyZeeRho View Post

    IT'S MARCH 7!!!

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    Saw the Get Up Kids last Saturday.

    Seeing Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Group) on the 30th and then Yes for my third time on that friday (The first).

    And- Blackfield on May 21st.


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