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Thread: On the topic of masturbation...

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    baby kiffer

    Default On the topic of masturbation...

    Is it normal for me to HATE (I don't use this word often!) to do it?

    I'm seventeen.

    I've done it a couple of times before (the first was an accident; I was in my diaper), and I feel incredibly sickened by the thought of fact, I feel pretty sick about the thoughts of sex as well. My hormones urge me to, sometimes, but I feel nauseous thinking about doing it.

    Sometimes I just want to lop off the damn thing...

    ...and I am not transexual, bisexual, or homosexual.

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    I suppose its not completely bad to hate doing it, there are many people in the world who find they live normal, happy well adjust lives with out doing either. Now I think you would find yourself in the minority, especially of young men. Do you hate doing it because you think its wrong, or have some sort of social stigma from doing it? Or are you just not satisfied when you do it? I think what you will find though is if you don't masturbate your body will find its release through other means, such as wet dreams. As long as you are ok with not doing and feel you will be satisfied there is no reason you have to or should feel bad for not liking to do it.

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    baby kiffer


    I don't feel satisfied doing it...I feel sick and guilty...and every time I've happened to do it, I was in an infantile mood and wearing a diaper...which, of course, ruined the child-like mood I was in.

    But I hear you. At least I'm not the only one out there.

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    I the world we live in now, it is only normal if you are not normal. When people say they are "normal." They either don't know what they are talking about, or they are lying.

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    I tend to feel kind of gross after I do it...So I guess it's normal

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    i always used to feel really guilty and gross about it. i'd try to force myself not to do it, or to limit myself to a certain number of times a month or something.

    i've pretty much gotten over that, and it's made me much happier. i've still got my reservations about it, but in general it's something i enjoy and do as often as i feel like.

    i definitely hear where you're coming from, baby kiffer. it can seem like kind of an ucky thing to do. even the word "masturbation" kind of makes me shiver. all i can say is i hope you find some peace of mind about it one way or the other. there are probably a lot of better things you could be worrying about than something you occasionally do in total privacy and seclusion. it's something nearly everyone does, and it's really not worth fretting about.

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    You're supposed to feel disgusted after an orgasm simply because at the time you're out of sperm and cannot impregnate another woman, so mother nature made sure you take a break before going at it again to stop you from wasting precious calories un(re)productively.
    Obviously, you body won't know whether you've just had sex with a woman or just only left stains on your bed sheets or the ceiling, and will react the same way.

    In the end, it's nothing to feel sickened about. In fact, the exact same process made sure you even came into the world, and your own existence won't make you sickened either (I hope).


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    The only thing I didn't like about masturbation at first was the fact that I didn't do it, because that's quite unusual. When I started doing it, I liked it on the mental and the physical sides, because it's a good feeling (at least to most people :P), and I was finally "normal".

    What I find weird is that my mother doesn't like me masturbating, and she thinks that doing it every day is abnormal. So does my sister.

    But either way, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't do it. Masturbating is considered healthy (at least for now), but not doing it won't have any bad consequences on your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    What I find weird is that my mother doesn't like me masturbating, and she thinks that doing it every day is abnormal. So does my sister.
    I find it rather amusing when people of the opposite gender try to tell you what's healthy and unhealthy about problems specifically associated with your own gender.
    For some reason, I hostestly doubt that I'd have any advice to give to a woman about how to deal with their menstruational problems - simply because I have never experienced it myself...or ever will!


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    The thing to remember is you are still young. You don't have to be all horn-dog like others that you may have seen. If you feel like doing it... do it... if not... don't. Noone is going to judge you or call you queer just b/c you don't beat off.

    There is no need to hurry up and try to define yourself and your sexuality. IDK what it is with teens these days trying to figure it out so early. Things take time to develop... so be patient and see what works out.

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