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    i am a fur who loves to joke around a lot, i love to play, and entertain. i first got into diapers and the furry fendom at the age of 7. i liked the idea, and didn't find out about the fendom until the age of 11, which was a dark time in my life. the reason i joined ADISC was to have rping, regression, people to chat with, and play around with. i like wood carving, papercraft, origami, pokemon, digimon, other crafts, drawing, writing books, and more. i have a sad life now. my home family seems they don't love me. i have several characters i made to rp with, some made for specific rps. i hope to make plenty of friends, and to be well understood.

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    i am not gay, i just like a few ?girl things.?

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    Hi Evtal and welcome to ADISC. Did you say you liked to write books? If so, what kind do you like to write? I guess I'm always a bit too eager to meet other writers.

    And for what it's worth, I'm sorry about you home family situation, and I hope things get better for you.

    Hope to see you around the forums and or chat area.

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