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    Hello everyone I'm Vinny . I am a goofy fun loving poker dealer living out on the west coast. I originally got into diapers when I was a teen (over ten years ago yikes!) because I as I have discovered am a DL and my interest has not disappeared since.

    Seeing that I am a poker dealer I do enjoy playing poker. I also love sports especially Hockey (which I am currently learning how to play). I also like to go to as many rock concerts or comedy shows as I can.

    I have spent time online on a few sites learning more about being a DL and I must say this is by far the best most informative site I've seen. I have never been much of a person that posts online for anything but now that I have introduced myself for the first time as a DL I might be more willing to contribute and open up and enjoy myself through this site.

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    Hey Vinny, welcome to ADISC. My interest in diapers also started a little over a decade ago, back when I in high school. I used to play quite a bit of backyard hockey when I was younger and living future up north. It's much more fun to play than to watch. So you say you're a poker dealer, are you doing it for a living or just as a hobby? Hope you do decide to contribute to site. Anyways enjoy yourself.

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    Hey there Braun, Thanks for the warm welcome ! I love playing hockey! I've played street hockey off and on since I was 6 (I'm 27 now) and I am learning to skate better on ice to hopefully join a league soon. Do you still play? As for your other question I deal poker for a living and love it ! I am very happy that I stumbled upon it when I was an out of work Union electrician apprentice. Anyway take care and I do plan on more than just lurking around .

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    I'm from west coast as well so your not alone dude. I'm not much of a hocky fan but I do like pocker.

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    I don't play hockey nearly a often as I used to. I do occasional play a pick-up game every now and then, but that's about it. When I was a kid living in a small town up north, hockey was something everyone did to pass the long cold winter. I even had a nice little ice rink in my yard for a few years, which was of the few good things about living there. Now I living in a large city with much less harsh winters so it's far less practical to play. Also most people I know don't play.
    Catch you around.
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