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Thread: japinese show is evil but funny

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    That school uniform they are made to wear is cute...I don't see what's so funny.

    I'd TOTALLY wear that. Very Kodona.

    I take back the 'Not Funny' part...Number 5 killed me.
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    All the Japonese shows are abusive... That's what makes them funny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamebaby View Post
    ok i was loking at the laugh you lose thread game and gowing trough the videos on you tube i found and intresting show. basicly if you laugh within the 24 hours of this game you get hit. sucks dont it. well im posting all of one episode but jsut wondering would you dare try it if it wasnt being hit you just get out?

    japinese show is evil but funny
    Is that even English?

    And WTF is Japin?

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    I love Japan, my life would be incomplete without Japan!!

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    Ouch. I may not be able to do that.

    I wouldn't quite hit them. I would give them some sort of forfeit.

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