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Thread: I no I'm not that cool

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    Default I no I'm not that cool

    I know that their are a few ppl here that play games on facebook.
    I was hopping that there might be a couple that play Urban Warfare.

    My one friend got me into this [email protected]#$% game and now I'm addicted to it.
    The problem with this game is you need neighbors to get stronger.
    And my sorry ass only has 1. I was hoping that someone in here might be interested in me sending an invite to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entity View Post
    sorry but i have a huge thing against facebook games.
    me too!!!

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    Games like these on facebook are so annoying.... You don't really do much with it but just click click click, but then I'm talking about games like Mafia Wars.
    I've stopped playing it because of the waiting times on there.

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    I am only on yoville on facebook because i found a yoville card on the street worth ten bucks, best ten bucks i never spent.

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