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    Hello everybody. I'm Trueblader otherwise known as True or Blader. I'm not really good at intros so I'm using the cheat sheet ^^;. I got into diapers by looking at art of them on FA. I enjoy rping with them and seeing pics but I've yet to try them in real life. My other furry interests include transformation and inflation. Outside the furry fandom I enjoy browsing YouTube and TVTropes. I play lots of video games, mainly pokémon. I also write when the muse strikes and to mess around in MSpaint or on paper. I also like swords as well. The main thing I'm looking out of this site is.....well to help me explore my diaper fetish. Maybe make a few friends or like minded people. That should be all and like I said bad at intros but I hope this will suffice.
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    Greetings Trueblader. You'll find there are many other furries and gamers on this site, myself included.
    So you're interested in the noble weapon, the sword. Do you collect them and/or practice sword fighting? I personally plan to eventually learn the art of sword fighting, once I get the time and money that is.

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    Ah. Thank you for responding! I used to practice fencing but I had to quit due to a move and there's no place near by. Thankfully I'm moving back soon and can resume. Plus they're cool to look at and watch fights with them

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