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    Smile abdl illinois

    I'm a DL from illinois. I'm 30 and I like wearing diapers a few times a week and I do use my diapers for pee and poop. I do have ab tendencies like sucking a paci or my finger, but I act more like a kid that has accidents. for the most part I like being an adult though with a diaper on.

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    A lot of us like wearing diapers from time to time, but what other sorts of things do you like to do for fun? It might be worth a moment to check out the brilliant intro cheat sheet.

    Hello, and welcome.

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    Im from Illinois too. Chicago to be exact

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    Other than your like of DL. What other things are you into (other than DL). In your intro you only stated that you liked diapers.
    Are you into gaming, computers, sports, cars, hiking, fishing. These are some of the things we would like to know. This way we know
    what to talk about with you.

    As for me : I race cars (dirt oval), hunt fish, like some, my PS2.

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