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    Hi! I'm not very good at intro's but i like being able to post comments and it is a requirement for this site so here I go. My name is Brandon. I live in Maine and am attending college for computer technology. I like to ride four-wheelers, go karts, dirt-bikes, and snowmobiles. I also like to work on cars. I was originally going to attend college for automotives but started getting sick of fixing cars everyday and pursued my interest in computer's. I am a DL and can remember having this interest since i was very young and my boyfriend of 9 months knows about this side of me. He does not like it but does not complain to much about it. He does randomly suggest that we go to a counselor about it tho. He does not care if i wear alone so i usually just wear when at home alone or at college but sometimes the urge to wear is to great and i wear around him. I think that i just got very off track there but w/e. That is my introduction, hope it was alright.

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    Welcome. You're gonna love the site. I'm new to the site as well and I have found everyone very helpful and straight forward. Enjoy.

    P.S. If your going into Computer Technologies, you should look at the security side of it. We have a need (speaking from job experience).

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    Hello and welcome! What sort of snowmobile do you ride? I used to have an old Arctic Cat Jag myself, but I sold it while I was in college. My dad actually owned a snowmobile dealership for about six years, which worked out great for me because when I was home and wanted to ride, he'd pull one of his brand-new demo models, so there were a few years there that when I rode, I was riding a brand new Polaris 800 something or a fast Ski-Doo.

    Sadly, I haven't even had the chance to ride in a few years now, and this amazing, in terms of riding weather, winter is really making me miss it!

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    To DanDyper
    Thanks, So far I am really liking this site. And as for my computer tech I'm not 100% sure what area I am going to be going into yet as I have just learned programming and I still have to take many more classes for the other areas and then I should know what I would like doing the most. I do enjoy programming a lot so far but i tend to love everything that I do with computers. I love learning new things and experimenting with them. The most I know for security is what I have learned online for securing my Linux server and my firewalls that I have messed around with.

    To xbabyx
    Thanks. I currently ride a 1997 Polaris Indy 500 and before that I rode some old 1980 Jags. It definitely makes winter worth it. Without a sled I dread winter. Unfortunately I just got it out of the garage a week ago after having it stuck sitting for years as it was having some major bogging issues. I was puzzled with it as when I tuned it to the book it would run horrible and it did not like anything I did to it. It is near perfect now though.

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    I know that you said that you got "sick" of fixing them. But there are a few of us here that also like autos.
    What is your preference of auto?

    But anyhows your intro was just fine. Have lots of fun , and make so friends.

    I'll see you around.

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