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    Default world of warcraft guild

    hey anyone want to make a ab/tb/dl guild with me i was thinking of making one but don't know how well it would be

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    what server would it be on ? I have not played in a while, maybe I'll get back into it.

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    Make one on Magtheridon I started playin again recently.

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    I would join in on this.. I played a while back, had a few 80's, only to stop before Cat came out.

    I will probably begin playing once I buy myself a new rig.

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    Personally this sounds like a fliping awsome idea how ever... Theres this problem in the way ! What server would it be on? And how many of us are on the server! i mean if its on a server other than my own im pretty sure that im not going to jump of to the other server ive got to many lvl 85s amoung other characters and im not willing to start another character just for a guild. Im sure this is going to a problem for many other people playing wow.

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    That would be awesome. Too bad i dont pay for Wow anymore. *Cough* Private Server *cough*

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