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Thread: Benjodiaper is bemused

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    Default Benjodiaper is bemused

    Ok guys. Seems I don't understand what all this is about or I just misunderstood. My first message, and I got my knuckles rapped by several for being honest about myself! Is that an achievement? I didn't think I was being so different.

    So if I don't understand, then does someone want to tell me what this IS about. Easy for you if you have been around a while, but I signed up today and don't know the rules.

    Smarmy answers don't teach anyone much, you know.

    I came for your help. Can we start again?

    little b

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    Let me see if I can be a little... descriptive... here.

    Those of us who hang around here a lot do it because this place is very mature... and very tasteful. The vast majority of us don't really want to hear about your private fantasies or your sex life... and the whole "I want to talk to other people who..." just isn't going to cut it at all. What you do behind closed doors should really remain your business. There are a lot of young kids who view this board... they'd rather not be subjected to the things that a mature mind can come up with... and posting a generic comment about being some kind of diaper slave sex toy just isn't going to get a good responce. This being said... there are threads that go into very adult things. These can be found in the MATURE TOPICS section. If you want to talk about your fantasy... try it there.

    The vast majority of this board is about the sharing of ideas, information, and support. We talk about all kinds of things... diaper related and otherwise. So if you tried a great new diaper over the weekend... or would like someone's opinion on what to buy next please feel free to ask. Being that you are older many of us would be interested in your life. How you continue to hide your love of diapers from your family and how it effects your day-to-day existance.

    Otherwise... as I have told quite a few new folks lately... perhaps it is best to sit back, read some threads, and actually get to know the regulars and old-guards here before you dive in head first and post something about being left for days in stinky nappies.

    A wise man once said: "Before man can learn to speak... he must know how to listen." You could probably find out a lot by doing just that.

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    It's a support community. That doesn't mean that people here aren't enjoying their diapers or don't want to talk about them, but it's by far not the only thing we're talking about, and people can react strongly when presented with someone who seems beyond the ordinary (which is obviously pretty relative). Offer your opinion on some existing threads and let people get to know you.

    Just a suggestion, don't even post on anything involving diapers for the first few. See if that can interest you. I think if you look around at the variety of posts, you'll get a good sense of what will work best. Don't just look in the adult and mature sections, get a feel for the whole site and the membership to see if you want to get involved. It might not suit you or you might not suit us, but it's worth a real look.

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    Thanks darkfinn.

    Certainly is my intent to listen and learn. OK so my initial thread is probably a lot further than I should have gone . And point taken about who can read these. I am pleading ignorance, and as I said, just starting out.

    Teach me. The site looks great and I want to be a part of it.

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    Yay!! This one is much better. Welcome to adisc. Sorry about what happened earlier, and my slight involvement in it. I hope you enjoy, and learn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    It's a support community. That doesn't mean that people here aren't enjoying their diapers or don't want to talk about them, but it's by far not the only thing we're talking about, and people can react strongly when presented with someone who seems beyond the ordinary (which is obviously pretty relative). Offer your opinion on some existing threads and let people get to know you.
    I think Trever hit the nail right on the head. We're a support forum (look at our logo in the upper left corner), not a fetish forum. People come here for support to integrate their TB/AB/DLness into their other life, they don't come here for suggestions on extreme aspects of the fetish. Your thread about staying in used diapers for days (!) is certainly not what the average TB/AB/DL prefers, and to be honest: It's something I'd advice not to do.
    Due to the presence of minors on this forum and our status as a support forum, it's common practice here to criticize people who suggest behavior that is very likely to hurt other members when they try it themselves, such as enemas or getting yourself a diaper rash by not changing in time. Even the "Adult Baby"-forum does not exempt out members from using common sense when it comes to their AB/DL interests.

    That said, please adjust your behavior accordingly and welcome to our forum.


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    Hm...this is a bit hard to explain. Especially since you weren't that much over the top. What did you do wrong, you ask? What do we expect of you? Which is actually a good thing to ask when you're partly in the hot seat from official rules and standards, and partly for unwritten rules and standards, so I'll try to add to what they said above.

    First off, like they said...we're a support forum. We also were once specifically a teen forum, which means the focus is still more towards the younger bunch, and we actually strive to be teen safe, teen friendly. Even on the adult baby forum, everything must be PG - 13. The mature topics forums do have more kink related material, but even then, it can't be explicit. This means anything we think would be a bad idea for teens to do, we actively discourage. Coming from other sites, where there are plenty of weirdos, perverts, predators, crazies, and downright stupid people, teens see all sorts of various crazy and stupid behaviors and discussion all the time...and get the impression that in the ABDL world, this is simply how you act. We want to encourage them to be safe and sane, so we try very hard to not let topics displaying that sort of behavior on here. So yes, we are quite trigger happy to attack anything that is a bit out there. And well...from a health point of view, what your topic talked about was fairly iffy, from a common sense and sanity point of view....I can easily have trouble believing it, and am not surprised everyone else though you must be making it up too.

    Second, We pride ourselves on having intelligent and mature discussion. We prefer having members who can talk about more than just diapers, and we encourage them to contribute discussion about all aspects of themselves on here. This also means that anyone who joins, and immediately just wants to talk about diapers, or the more extreme aspects of ABDL, is seen as possibly someone we don't want here. The preferred and encouraged way to start chatting with us is to make an introductory topic on the greetings forum, telling us a little about yourself (and hopefully more than "omg i luv diapees they r so grat an im 14 an in schol"). After that, just reading around the forum for a day, making posts in topics where you can, so people can get a feel for who you are...once we get to know and trust you a little, making topics that are a little out there is much more easy to swallow.

    PS: for a wonderful lesson in what we don't want here, read this recent topic
    and related profile:
    As you can see...people are quick to attack posts that sound like yours...because when they show up on the forum, they're often just fake. Note that the person who made the topic was banned hours later, for lying about his age in his profile. Most members here are fairly good at spotting this sort of thing. Problems just occur when someone comes on, and one of their first few posts is talking about their highly unlikely life...and it's true. It's a little hard to believe sometimes, especially if we just met the person.

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    the other thing is that you could say we're a bit hyper-sensitive about lying here. so many people use the anonymity of the internet as an excuse to invent a whole new personality and lifestyle for themselves every new place they go, and we get a lot of people coming along claiming that they were forced into diapers against their will or all kinds of other idiotic stories.

    we place a lot of importance on getting to know one another as real people, and forming real friendships with one another. thus when someone new comes along and posts something that sounds like it might not be entirely true, we're usually pretty quick to call bullshit.

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    Well thanks for getting back to me. And also appreciate the history of the site, and where you are coming from. I especially thank Koko for that helpful explanation.

    I suppose to explain, I came in from the cold via another link, and burst into the party that was already going on without thinking what has gone before. I was just a bot over excited to find a place where there is a common interest, and let myself lose control a bit.

    Well it won't happen again, and I shall instead stand back and see what happens, and hopefully be a useful contributer.

    Now that I know the limits I am more than happy to stay within them. I think I have lots to learn from you all, and although I know a number of AB's, everyone has a different story, and a different take on the subject, and I guess I shouldn't be too quick to assume what that is.

    But I am looking forward to talking to people who understand...... and I think I have more to say than just the AB stuff.

    As of now I shall be altogether more sensible. Also very happy to answer any questions you might have.

    No longer bemused.....

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    Actually, you've been more sensible starting from your first post in your topic. There's a reason you have +2 rep already even though we were previously attacking you.

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