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    Has anyone here ever used anything from lil in regards to diapers? Whenever I go out for supplies I often find there suprem range next to products by Tena and have been wondering a little if they are any good. My main use for these however is messing so keep that in mind.

    In many ways I'm still happy with what I wear mostly, Tena slip maxis, but it would be nice as well knowing that in stores I have a bit more of a choice as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodnites11 View Post
    Xp doesn't send ads if you buy a sample pack from them, do they? I bought a pack of abena m4s and a molicare sample pack, and I really hope I don't get ads since I live with a roommate (who shares my mailbox)
    They don’t send ads at all even if you order sample packs, check the ADISC wiki blacklist, they have a list of all the offenders. I know Duraline and HDIS do because I've ordered from both. I also order from XP Medical on a regular basis and have ordered both samples and full packs and cases so I know first hand that they don’t.

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    lil products -_- they fail at absorbency compared to tena maxi's but for messing they are decent and hold well, however the M is too large for me around the waist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScroogeMcDuck View Post
    Lil leaks.

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    I heard that Lil went to the cloth backing insead of the old plastic backing they had. Boo!

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    I am an absolute fan of lil products and use all the time 24/7. I buy from Incontinence Pants, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence Products, Adult Diapers & Incontinence Aids and have found them to be very effective.

    Check out my photos for lil products.

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    i love HDIS!!

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    If you can get the old plastic backed ones they are good and didn't leak - have not tried the new cloth ones but I have heard they are not as good as the old style.

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