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Thread: My totally not awsome introduction

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    Default My totally not awsome introduction

    Hello there,

    names Jet. I live in canada , am a furry and have been a furry for almost 9 years now. Im also a dl/ad/tb/bf (depends on the country)and have been for many many years aswell.
    I tend to stay amoungst fellow babyfurs and dl's but im willing to be friends with anyone who wants to be my friend.
    I guess why i join this site was more or less because i randomly found it when i was bored as heck andi can put it to good use

    ... Yup im thinking that this will do *nods* indeed. *disapears*

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    Hey, hey! Where are you? *looks around* I can;t find you? well, when you see this, I want you to feel welcome at ADISC Cool little forum you dound.

    So, any other things you do/are/like?

    I hope that when you reappear, you stay a bit longer :P

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    Lol*reapears*welllllllll whuut kinda things u wanna knows exactly X3 twould be easier for me to answer lol

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    Hmm, ok, the basic questions.
    Ummm *scratches head* what are some? :P
    O.K! Got one! What's your favorite color?
    Or, what activities do you like to do?
    gosh, I'm so creative :3

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    Lololololol ive got more than one fave color. Blue turquiose and cyan, and as far as activities goes... Videogames lol and trying to hang out i guess lol

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