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Thread: You guys are weird.

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    Default You guys are weird.

    Weirdos. Seriously. Or some kinda mutants maybe.

    Face it - to enjoy waring diapers is a bit weird, and actually using them is weirder still even though it seems to follow naturally from the fact that you enjoy wearing them.

    So hey - let your freak lag fly, everyone has some facet of their personality that falls outside of the norm. All I am saying here is don't kid yourself about it.

    Even if nobody in the world knows this about you, even if you have no physical evidence around and your pc is totally secure the fact of your oddity is there none the less.

    I encourage you all to embrace your mutantness and find therein some fellow feeling for those other weirdos in the world. Even if you feel compelled to join in when others laugh and jeer and point at them, and even if they strike you as very weird indeed - people are people and whatever his malfunction may seem to be you are a diaper freak and no better then he is.

    Touch the untouchable, befriend the friendless. Champion the downtrodden, stand up for the oppressed.

    Weirdos of the world, UNITE!!

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    No, I'm normal. It's everyone else who needs to go take a bath in the cool pool.

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    uh,,,,,,,okay. *thinks* um,,,,,yea, your point was,,,? hmm,,,,*quits thinking and moves on to another thread*


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    Normal is just as setting on a washing machine.

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    I already embrace my weirdness. I am proud of it!

    I will randomly quote movies and TV shows at people

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    I was being more sarcastic than rude, my apologies if it came off that way... But I also don't appreciate being called a mutant and being told to embrace my "mutantness" when having a fetish is not uncommon for human beings. Yes it is a bit strange for me to wear diapers but it's a raw emotion that makes me want to, not a rationally thought out choice; it's not like we have a choice in the matter. If you didn't have sexual emotions, you'd probably think sticking your penis in a woman's vagina is pretty strange too. Diapers are just something that make me tick, but that doesn't affect the way I go about my every day life, hang out with friends, learn in school etc. If you're going to go on a AB/TBDL related board and tell people they're weird, you might want to consider the fact that the manner in which they make themselves happy behind closed doors is not remotely relevant to your life whatsoever. Plus I'm sure mostly everyone is quirky in some way or another and prefer to hide it away from the world.

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    Come on...

    I'm sure everyone here is mature enough to know that everyone has their own weirdness

    I have plenty...

    I embrace my mutantness and my freak flag is flyin quite often.

    If your offended by must not have gotten the point and don't accept your freakiness

    Hope your all mutating nicely!


    P.s. Is it weird that I'm wearing a diaper and footies to bed? Yep but me likes it!

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    Sarcastic or not there is a level of "weirdness" that makes me just wanna bash my head in the keyboard when I read some of the posts on here. Like the ones from ppl who say they buy cases of diapers, and wear them, friends know, girl/boyfriends know or they wear around the house or wherever... then post on and on and get tons of replies when they ask about 'wearing in public', if it'll show, how paranoid they are not knowing what to do if they leak after wearing for an hour in public, if their diaper will bulge under their clothes (never wore clothes over them at home and didn't look?), people having their 'clicks' gang up and bash someone with an opposing view just because they heard some teacher drill a political thought pattern in their head, making fun of and backstabbing other *B's without an actual thought of what all this particular community has in common and why so many ppl wear diapers when they don't 'physically need' them. For not having much of a 'formal' education I still understand the phrase 'a house divided'. Yes, I know this is a very social site also with many categories but I'm not talking about those more 'general' areas or posts.

    And how a site that is primarily a support site population (specifically relating toward 'need information' posts) gives more 'credit' and comments to simple thread derailing one-liners while the detailed, informative posts get overlooked. IE:
    A Question > of the first 20 posts, 2 posts try to help, 1 assumes something based on opinion, 2 are intelligently detailed and 5 posts are basically meaningless - with 10 other replies all commenting back on the '5'.

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