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Thread: Waiting for a change?

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    Default Waiting for a change?


    My name is benjodiaper and I am hoping that I can hear from anyone who stays in their nappy/diaper for a long time without being changed. I have a "parent" who is very strict with me and never lets me use the toilet.

    This means I have to use my diaper eventually, even though I try very hard to hold on. Depending what mood he is in, I am often left in the wet and sometimes messy nappy for more than a day before I am allowed to be changed. I have once had to go for three days before being changed.

    I don't really mind though I am very self conscious about it, and especiallly worry what others might be thinking. I am kept well sealed up but I think this is difficult to control over several days.

    Does anyone have similar eperiences or tips on how to keep everything under control.

    Hoping to make lots of new friends.


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    something smells like b u l l s h i t

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    something smells like b u l l s h i t
    Exactly what I was thinking, yet I didn't post it due to losing rep. :bsflag:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallis View Post
    Exactly what I was thinking, yet I didn't post it due to losing rep.
    I lost rep on it anyways... but hey... someone had to say it.

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    I think you got off the wrong exit, dude.
    Deeker's two exits back.

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    Finally, a chance to be innovative and original...

    That sir, is... bullshit!

    **** yeah!

    Who wants to touch me...?

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    Little ollie



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    Your story is not carefully worded nonsense; so in effect, people can smell it, and scoff. However it would be more believable if it were a bondage story.

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