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Thread: Diaper Stash Found After You Are Gone?

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    Default Diaper Stash Found After You Are Gone?

    So I have kind of a morbid question to ask... I know we all have our little stash of ABDL paraphernalia. I keep quite a large stash of diapers and thats about all, but i there are some people that have babyish clothing, pacifiers, plastic pants, etc. I have decided not to tell anybody about my fetish, and thats the way i like it. I wish to keep it to myself (except my GF, who knows and sometimes indulges me. but thats another thread). my question is this:

    If you were to die suddenly, God forbid, how can you keep your dignity? You die, your family goes through your belongings and finds huge amounts of ABDL stuff stashed away, then they put 2 and 2 together. Instead of being remembered as a stand-up person, those closest to you remember you as a dirty fetish lover, or something. Not that they would necessarily call you that, but, you know, worst case scenario.

    Obviously the best way to do clean out you "stash" would be have some sort of person who knows you are a AB come and remove your stuff before the family can get to your place. there are also problems with this- My girl is the only person who knows and she could do it, but what if she and i are both stranded, presumed dead, on a desert island? I guess I was wondering if there is a fool-proof way around this problem?

    And by the way- I am really sorry to be bringing up a potentially sad topic, but it has been eating away at me, and is defiantly food for thought. That being said, I hope you all out there are safe and padded!

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    There was another thread about this. My conclusion was, "I hope I really did die!".

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    I really don't think anyone would care that much. Especially not you, because you would be dead. Unless you were deserted on an island with a chance at getting home. When you die your bladder and bowels relax and release, and even that doesn't turn people off of mourning for you. If they found odd *bdl paraphernalia it wouldn't really have much of an effect. They'd probably just cry some more because of how much they really didn't know about you.

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    I have no one lined up to take care of things, if it happens it happens. Like Grizzy said, I'd just have to hope I was dead. I also don't see any 100% fool proof way to take care of your stash.

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    1) You're dead. Dignity is the least of your worries
    2) If you're stranded on an island, people knowing about your fetish is still the least of yor worries.

    Honestly, once I'm dead, I'm dead. If I just happen to be stranded somewhere... yeah, kind of sucks. Oh well, though. What are the chances of that actually happening? While we are going through what if scenarios, why not question what would happen if you built a nursery in your house, but a bulldozer accidentally smashes through the wall and suddenly the entire neighbourhood sees your adult nursery? What would you do?

    Death is permanent (as of now) so I don't really care about stuff being found out after I'm dead. It won't affect me.
    The chances of me being stranded and presumed dead are so low that it's not worth my time to consider.

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    That's something I've asked myself several times, I happen to travel quite often for my job and the question "what if I die in a car/plane crash?" has popped up in my mind more than once in relation to my DL habits.

    I keep my diapers stashed both at home and at another place, and it's not exactly a small stash. The supplies in the second place I've mentioned (the larger stash) would also quite likely be discovered by a good number of relatives other than my close family. *shivers*

    In the end, the only real solution I've found is... stopping worrying about it, since it wouldn't be my business anymore. And I definitely don't want to give up diapers just for the sake of what people would think of me after my death.

    Even if I had a close friend or significant other who participated in my DLness (and I don't), I live with my family, so putting anyone in charge of clearing out my stuff would require them to be able to access the property and carry everything away without being seen... in other words simply impossible.

    So, in the end, the only thing I'm careful about is avoiding things to be discovered when I'm away from home for days or weeks in a row, but if I actually die someone's going to find my things no matter how carefully I hide them.

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    Eh if I'm ded I'm ded and I wont know or be able to care what the living think.

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    When I die I want to be put into my final bed wearing diapers and plastic pants, they can keep the bottom half of the casket closed, then only my properly dressed upper half will show. I'll be dead, don't think I'll be caring what others think, and most of my close family knows anyway.

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    I have come to the conclusion that the world revolves around me since it ends in 2012 when I turn 21 this simplifies everything a great deal.

    Therefore there is no need for me to worry about this. If my parents wanted to remember me for a part of me they never fucking knew then I couldn't care less. If they wanted to understand this side of me I would feel a bit sorry that I wasn't there to tell them.

    The only thing that bothers me about death is how my friends and family will handle it when I'm gone.

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