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    Lightbulb prostatitis

    I was wondering if any other guys have prostatitis causing some leakage. I do, and hoping i wasn't the only one!

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    which type of prostatitis did they say you have? My problem is a trifecta of nerve damage, malformed bladder and BPH. The first 2 most likely always causing the BPH.

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    While reading up on the aneros prostate massager I heard that they can help that.

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    The doctor wasn't sure what caused it, my prostate was just irritated. I know there is a treatment but I don't have insurance and can't afford to pay for it so for now i'll just leak haha.

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    I've been urge incontinent my entire life. I've also worn diapers off and on my entire life and more recently diagnosed as infertile. So let's add something else to the list, shall we? My Urologist diagnosed me with prostatitis about six months ago. It really hasn't altered my over-active bladder problems (it's just as messed up as before) or incontinence. The big thing it has done is give me a bothersome dull pain in the groin. I took Cipro for a month and quit taking it because it was causing me heart palpitations, heart arrhythmia and nervousness. Bad shit. Be aware of these types of antibiotics over a long period. Anyway, yeah, welcome to the club. Prostatitis is no fun.

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    I was diagnosed with that by a Navy doctor at the ripe old age of 20.. oh well.. its given me grief ever since

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    Oh yeah... I do not know if it causes and leakage since I am already pretty leaky due to MS, but I have had blood been in places it should not. The Dr's don't seem too worried about it thought. One course of antibiotics and that seems to tamp it down for a while.

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    I had an enlarged prostate 5 years ago when I was 35, but the doctors didn't know why.
    so I had to have an outpatient proceedure to shrink it.
    I have used the Saw Pamettow supplements every since to help keep my prostate from getting enlarged again.

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    I leak due to prostatitis; it's quite common. I'm 35 yrs old, and NO it's not just older men with this problem.

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    I was diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis a number of years ago. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for it (can't remember what), which cleared it up after several weeks. My main symptom was a dull pain in the groin. I had been incontinent for a number of years before the prostatitis; and as I recall, the prostatitis didn't affect the incontinence much.

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