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Thread: What was your first brand of adult diaper

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    Default What was your first brand of adult diaper

    maybe you can remember the felling of unwraping the package what brand was it mine was tranquility how did you hide it how long did it last how did you get it just sit down with me and reminese

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    Mine were Boots stay dry pants (pull ups)

    Check my photos to see what I wear 24/7 now
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    My first diapers were Depends that I bought at a Walmart. I carried them home in a black plastic bag. When I got home I nervously opened the package and lied down and tried one on. But when I was done enjoying it I had to hide all the evidence away in my closet.

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    I bought a pack of Depends last September, and remember enjoying how large they were in comparison to Pampers.

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    Back in August of 1981 I was getting ready to move to a university dorm. Then I was only a bedwetter and wore pinned gauze diapers at home. When the university housing director wrote that the dorms lacked coin washing machines, I decided to use disposables. The nurse at my urologist suggested Attends as being the only nationally available adult disposables.

    I bought a box of Attends Small so I could get used to them while still at home, then another box so I would have a supply as soon as I arrived. The university campus general store was not far from my building and stocked all sizes of Attends.

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    I recall the first true adult diaper I ever wore was the original green, six-tape Depend. I was just a teenager and was staying at my grandparents' house for a couple of weeks over summer break. One day when my grandparents were going to be gone all day, I got the nerve to call the local pharmacy and ordered a package of "briefs". Much to my dismay, they delivered a package of the button-type undergarments instead. I was so nervous I didn't check the package before the delivery driver drove away!

    I eventually called back and had them deliver real, tape-on diapers. They seemed so different as compared to the baby diapers I was used to playing with, but it was heaven to be able to actually fit in a diaper again.

    My very next package was of Attends, and I knew immediately I'd be an Attends customer for life--or at least until they got bought out by Paper-Pak and went to pot. I didn't try Depend again until many years later, after they'd switched to the white "Fitted Maximum Protection" design.

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    Tena Supers. At the time they were amazing, but totally could not compare with my first quality diaper, Bambino

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