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Thread: so ive kind of always wondered this?

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    Default so ive kind of always wondered this?

    how do you determine what babyfur or littlefur you are?

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    There is no required way to do so. You can pick a fursona however you want. Different people pick their fursonas for various reasons.

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    I think its supposed to be the animal that best describes you, mines a bull because theyre big, beefy (pun intended) and strong. People tell me thats what im like soo thats what i decided mine would be.
    I havent been able to put my pic up on the site yet cuz my computers busted so im forced to use my iphone for everything and it wont let me post it on here for some reason

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    i just picked mine by the unique type of plushie i have like im a pola bear because i have a coke polar bear plushie

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    I picked an animal that matched my personality and that I thought was cute and slightly unique. Weasels are energetic, playful, and, IMVHO cute. They have this 'funny' persona, especially ferrets and otters.

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    I based my fursona off a real Akita :P Coincidentally named Mieko :3

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    pick an animal that you feel emotionally attached to. for example, i chose a lion cub because if i could choose to be any animal in real life, then i would want to be a lion cub. plus, watching the lion king a few too many times got me hooked on simba :P lol

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    I did not pick mine, he pick me.
    When I lived in Wy. oh so many years ago.
    My family was camping(you know the real camping).
    and I got cought in the midst of a wolf family.
    I was not harmed by them(but had bad nightmares).
    till my family went to a wedding of our Native American friends.
    there was an old guy there that toldmy parent that I had the sole of a Gray Wolf.

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