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Thread: Tom & Jerry: Who's side are YOU on?

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    Default Tom & Jerry: Who's side are YOU on?

    I couldn't sleep last night and Tom & Jerry was on and I noticed I was always rooting for Jerry. So I was wonder, do you vote for Tom, Jerry or does it depend on the situation (ie: it depends on who started it.) I root for Jerry!

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    It depends on the situation. There were time's where Jerry was trolling Tom, Jerry was the clear instigator.

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    Tom, definitely; per Baby Puss (1946), he's one of us!

    ...But seriously, I generally side with the underdog (or mouse, in this case) and those who enjoy diapers can still be hateful bullies.

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    Depends on the situation for me. Sometimes I felt like Jerry Mouse was the one causing trouble and deserved to get whacked by Tom. Other times it was Tom being a pain in the butt.

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    It leans over to Tom...
    Cuz I'm a cat person :P

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    Sometimes I felt a bit sorry for Tom but I always root for Jerry and any other little mouse

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