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    I already posted how to make diaper doublers and diaper liners so I thought I should post how to make diapers. These are your basic rectangular-shape diapers, and require plastic pants worn over to prevent leaks!

    Prefold Diapers

    Prefolds are one of the most favorite type of diaper out there.
    They are so versatile and there is something to be said for that feeling you get when you are pinning that millions of women throughout time have done this before you. Silly I know but...sort of empowering.
    Wanna make your own? Great!!

    Procedure -
    * Wash and dry all fabric to be used. 2-1/2 yards of 45"wide flannel will make approximately 2 regular sized (adult) diapers.

    * Cutting -
    Cut 2 rectangles in the following measurements for the diaper:
    20" by 29" for adult size

    Cut six pieces in the following measurements for the soaker pad:
    8" by 27.5" for adult size

    * Preparing the soaker pad:
    Stack all the layers of the soaker pad together and straight stitch about 1/4" from the edge all the way around. Then go around the outside again using a zigzag stitch and encasing the raw edges.

    * Attaching the soaker pad to the diaper:
    Center and pin each soaker pad to the wrong side of one piece of flannel. Stitch down each side of the pad to secure it.

    * Sewing the diaper -
    Put the two layers of diaper right sides together and stitch all the way around, leaving open between markings for turning. Clip corners and turn right side out, pressing corners out well. Topstitch around the entire diaper. When you get to the opening, just tuck the edges inside and keep right on sewing. Then stitch the soaker pad again on the same lines you used before to secure through all thicknesses and give a finished look.

    NOTE: These directions are modified from the directions for making newborn - toddler diapers. Some adjustments in measurements may be necessary for a perfect fit!

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    What a wonderful post! I think it's immensely beneficial and informative, and for someone such as myself who's interested in period tailoring and sewing, it's an experiment well worth attempting!

    I'll let you know what my attempts bring about!

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    I would prefer my diapers to be made like this.

    I have a question Ayanna, what about posting pics? Or do you have any?

    I'd love to actually see the finished product.

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    Note: I don't think anyone on this forum can make disposable diapers...but cloth are easy enough for people to make at home!

    Soooo since I gave instructions on how to make cloth prefold diapers, I thought it might be a good idea to give instructions on how to fold them too! It's quite easy...just follow the instructions below.

    • Lay prefold diaper flat
    • If diaper is too long, fold up front to fit
    • Fold diaper in thirds

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    • Spread open back of diaper (slight V shape) for maximum coverage
    • Pull up front of diaper
    • Fasten with diaper pins

    You can then cover with a diaper cover and/or plastic pants

    Note: I could only put 4 images in a single post so divided this into two to show all images!

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