Here are the changes made today:

  1. The forum will now save copies of the PMs you send to your "sent" folder. You can turn this off in your "general settings".
  2. Members logging in via Tapatalk no longer get an error.
  3. Our forums have been updated to vBulletin 4.1.2, including many minor bug fixes.
  4. We now have a second mobile skin, called 'vMobile'. The old "light" skin, as well as Tapatalk integration, are still supported as well. You can change your skin using the drop-down menu at the bottom left of any page. The 'vMobile' skin is still a work in progress, but the plan is for it to eventually replace the 'Light' mobile style we currently offer.
  5. The gallery is now back online. Currently, only ECs and higher may see it. Guests, new members, and search engines may neither see it nor upload to it.
  6. Some rare reputation-related bugs have been fixed.
  7. Lots of pieces of back-end software, such as the components that protect us from spam, have been upgraded.
  8. The speed at which the homepage loads has been improved.
  9. EC or higher status is now required in order to create blog entries, or to comment on blogs.

In other news, there is a new poll up as to whether ADISCers prefer AM/PM time or 24-hour time. The results will probably determine which time format we use, so please vote.