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    Default Diaper Banks

    I just found this article in the New York Times, and it was a really interesting read as an ABDL. In a nutshell, it turns out that there's a growing movement to donate diapers and distribute them to low-income families. One of the points the article raises is that day cares often don't accept children who come without a day's supply of diapers, and parents can't work if they can't get care for their children, so there's a bit of a chicken and egg problem: need money to buy diapers, need diapers to earn money.

    I found a larger organization than the one mentioned in the article: The Diaper Bank. Wouldn't it be cool if ABDLs gave back to the community by donating diapers? What do you think?

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    i think that its a great idea and i know that MANY people here already do it.

    I also think theres already been a topic posted but it was a while ago so this is a good reminder.

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    There's only one thread that's even remotely related:

    A Fun Way to Give Back

    But it's more about crisis centers. What I find interesting is that there are entire organizations devoted solely to collecting and distributing diaper donations.

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    Seems cool. It would be a nice way to give back if the financially secure members of the community contributed.

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    Thats a realy cool idea especialy since theres probably a lot of families that need them

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    For families "living on the edge" financially, the cost of diapers is a huge challenge. And diapers are not generally tradable. I say this from my experience with numerous friends that grew up in poor families with troubled parents, that would spend all their money on booze/drugs. A lot of them, anytime a friend/relative gave them money etc, even birthday card, the parents would scoop it up and go get wasted. Can't do that when you give them something practical they need that has no "trade-in value". The dealer down the block may take your stereo in trade, but not likely a pack of diapers. One very good way to make sure the charity you give is put to its intended use. Unfortunately in many cases, giving cash to the poor is like pouring sand down a hole.

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    well it sounds good so why dont we just start a diaper bank or somthing of the sort maybe just give them $100 bills marked not for pot (just to be safe

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    As someone who has been poor their entire life, I can safely say that substance abuse is not what causes most people to be poor. What does is low income. When you barely earn more than the poverty level it doesn't matter how frugal you are with your money. My mother and I don't drink, don't smoke, and don't do drugs, and never have during my lifetime. But we have been stuck with low income.

    We have been in the unfortunate situation of needing financial aid. Without it we wouldn't have had a place to live, or clothes to wear, or food to eat. We used what we were generously given to stay alive.

    Yes there are those with substance abuse problems who will do anything for their next fix. But they are not limited to the poor. Just look at all the celebrity deaths due to overdose.

    If you are in a position to do so, please help out those in need. All help is appreciated.

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    i suppose that there's a fair few of us who've worn hand-me-downs in the past and i don't know about anyone else but, hand-me-downs from strangers are the worst (unless you happen to get them of someone whom you know and whom you really don't like).
    perhaps if the manufacturers made their excess and 'faulty' stock available at pound-shops (dollar-shops in the US?), people would then have the option of choosing whichever they feel to be the least humiliating. and perhaps the manufacturers ought to be compelled, by law, to do the aforesaid as it would press the lightest, in terms of carbon-footprinting. but, of course, this would be open to abuse by those who aren't needy.

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    Well, I wore used clothes for most of my childhood. I was not happy getting my clothes from places like Goodwill, but I understood that was what my family could afford.

    There are some people who are more obsessed with a label then with practicality. Those people wouldn't "stoop" to buying rejects.

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