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Thread: Yep the day has come and I've broke my first bone.

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    Default Yep the day has come and I've broke my first bone.

    Yep after 2 years of riding offroad the day has finally come. I've crashed it before but I've never been injured until yesterday(Saturday 2-19-11).

    Back tire washed out on a gravel road and grabbed traction and I high sided it. I slammed the grave road pretty hard but the bike landed on my right foot and broke it. I knew it was broke right after I stopped sliding across the gravel.

    Talk about some pain. I've made it 26 years and I've never broke a bone.

    I did end up riding my dualsport home after the crash but I bent my brand new week old handle bars, broke off one of my 2 week old supermoto mirror and everything looks out of wack on the triple tree.

    I have no idea what I'm going to do about work because I can barley walk and there is no way I can climb a ladder so I will probably be stuck in the office. I ended up not going into work today (Sunday)
    Our group taking a quick brake

    my heavy dualsport getting a little air.

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    Have you gone to a doctor? Sorry, it just didn't seem apparent from your post.

    But yikes! I don't think I ever want a broken bone. I feel bad for your poor foot.

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    I remember when I broke my wrist after having the whole weight of my body fall on it after trying something stupid to impress my friends. It really sucked not being able to use it while it healed up. Made work harder. And when the cast finally came off it was weak and really nasty looking.

    Hope you can manage with your job, and hope you heal up quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    Have you gone to a doctor? Sorry, it just didn't seem apparent from your post.

    But yikes! I don't think I ever want a broken bone. I feel bad for your poor foot.
    they are normally not that bad after the initial pain and modern medical treatments as well as good pain killers. As long as toy got good medical insurance and money to cover any co-pay's you'll normally be fine.

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    Yea I ended up getting to the ER at 9:30PM and was out of the ER at 11PM. I have awesome insurance threw my work and there was no co pay for the ER and I didn't have to pay for the meds ether. Tomorrow morning I have to make a appointment with a foot and ankle doctor to get it checked and see exactly how bad it is.

    I'm a little worried about work but I'm more worried about driving because I can't put any pressure on my toes and its my right foot. Worst part is my Jeep needs a new brake caliper installed witch I was going to do this week because I have a work van to drive to work but I have to figure out how I'm going to get to the doctors office. I can't ride my motorcycle with one good foot and its still messed up from the crash.

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    Sorry to hear the bad news. I broke both bones in my leg when I walked my bike in front of a car. It was a bicycle and I was 14. Six months later I went back to school. I hope your foot bone heals quickly so work and driving will be easier for you. We have a teacher on crutches at school. She tripped and fell walking out of her classroom and broke two bones in her foot. Life throws its curves!

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    I've gone 34 years without breaking anything. Worst medical problem I had so far is an (repeatedly) ingrown toe nail. I'm sure there's a hospital visit waiting for me at some point in time (no one goes without that, unless they die early), but I hope that's far into the future for me *knocks on wood*


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    Just got back from the Foot and ankle Doc. No fracture so no surgery is needed. The impact of the motorcycle on my foot on the gravel road crushed the end of one of the bones in my right foot. Doc said I have to be vary careful because the bone is weakened and could fracture then I would have to have surgery to fix it.

    I'm looking at 6-8 weeks to heal and I have to wear a air boot at all times to keep me from moving my toes. Going into work in the morning to meet with my boss and HR to find out what I can do. Boss said I most likely will be put on short term disability but I'm hoping they just put me on light duty and I get to do work around the office.

    Looks like the cash I saved up to fix my Celica will not be going into my Celica.

    But check out my totally sweet foot wear.

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    Wow... I may have broken my leg on Dec. 30, 1999. At the time I didn't have insurance, and was just starting on some assitance from the Government on medical and I didn't know what to do. I now think I may have broken it cause of how it does hurt from time to time. Fortunately, I now have the opportunity to take care of things and figure things out.

    Dude, take care of yourself and rest your foot. It's a good thing you don't need surgery.


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