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    Cool Hi im dirtylittleboy

    Hi I've just joined I have read a couple of stories here and I would love to write one myself but I just thought I'd say a little history about myself. I don't know if it's relavent or if people are interested but it's why I like forums such as these, when I was 11 me and my brother who was a year and a couple of months older then me used to play games he sugested them and I went along with it, some people called it sexual abuse social services deffinately seen to it that it was treated as a sexual abuse case I don't know what to call it all I know is my brother was taken away to live somewere else untill I was over 16. What we did was play a game called babies I used to pretend to be a baby and he used to pretend to be a nurse or teacher He would pull down my pants clean my bum and pretend to put a nappy on me and since them I have always been interested in stuff like this.

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    I'm sorry to hear your diaper interests come from such an unclean past. A lot of the people here were curious and eventually gave in to the curiosity. Introductions are for learning about people, not just about their past and why they are interested in diapers. What do you do in real life? What are your interests? Things like this are what we're also interested in!


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    Butterfly Mage


    That was ABSOLUTELY sexual abuse. I am sorry something like that happened to you. Have you ever been in counseling?

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    I am in counselling I hate my life sometimes what I have said is not the only part but I didn't want to go on about it what happened with me and my brother is one of the reasons why I am an abdl but I also think it was because I was ridiculed alot by my sister I would say my mum neglected me as well but she did take us on holiday paid for swimming lessons music lessons and I went to Taekwon-do but there is certain stuff she didn't do, like stick up for me when I was getting grief from my sister, I couldn't talk to her even when it mattered the most. But we are all fine now I think we all talk to each other. I enjoy Taekwon-do if I could afford to go I am in the reserve armed forces I might go to afganistan next year depends if I pass the tests.

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