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    Hello everyone, I am pain (longtime childhood nickname). I am 29 and have an amazing wife and two beautiful kids. They are my world. I have been married for 6 years now and my wife has just recently learned that I Like diapers. Being the open minded person she is her first response was, its just diapers, whats the big deal. Obviously she doesnt understand it but she accepts it and even lets me wear around her clothed but thats as far as weve gone for now. I would not push anything on her and we are adjusting to my lifestyle. She is the only reason I am slowly starting to accept myslf after so many years of inner torment. I owe her everything. Sorry to brag on her so much but she deserves the praise as we need more people in this world like her. I am a very lucky guy and wish everyone could find their true soulmate like i have. Ok I am into alot of things, mostly outdoors. I love fishing camping swimming, hiking kayaking, caving (which we do alot), and just about anything else in nature you can think of. I ride motorcycles in the summer. Uhhh, i am a big animal person, probaly cause I can relate to them better. I have two horses (love riding), a boxer, and soon to have a bullmastiff as soon as he gets 8 weeks old (cant wait!) I like video games, movies, sports, basketball, BIG UK Wildcats fan! My Cats get me through the winter while im waiting on warm weather. I guess thats all for now.Didnt mean for this to be long. If you have any questions just ask!

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    Hi Painn (or is it just Pain), and Welcome to ADISC! Nothing wrong with a long intro - we get far too many short ones! I'm glad that your wife has helped you so to come to terms with yourself. For me, it was more the imminence of my 30th birthday that motivated it.

    Caving, eh...Are we talking about strolling through nice, dry caves with high ceilings, or the abseil-into-a-freezing-underground-river-and-then-crawl-through-it-on-your-belly kind (damn, that was an unpleasant experience). Any particular areas you like to hike in? I've always meant to get round to doing the Appalachian Trail myself.

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    It's just Pain. Had to use the xtra n. Doesn't matter though As for the caving, I have done a little of both. About the only thing I havent done is swim through water. Have been waist deep and done alot of belly crawling. I love it. Something about exploring the unexplored. Exciting, but also dangerous. Most of the hiking we do is ridge walking looking for new caves. I just love being outside. It's so relaxing being in nature. There's no specific place for me. Just depends on where I'm at and if that part of the country looks interesting.

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