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Thread: So I might have spotted an AB today!!

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    Default So I might have spotted an AB today!!

    Today was crazy, I was standing in line at the library and the girl in front of me had a diaper pin looped through the zipper-pull on her backpack.

    I thought about taking out a piece of paper and discreetly writing "AB?" on it, then giving it to her.

    I'm sure there could be 1,000,000 different reasons as to why she had one, but it really made me think I was standing behind one today.

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    Or... she wanted more leverage on her zipper and a diaper pin was lying around, unused. That seems to make more sense.

    My question is, was the regular thing to pull the zipper broken and replaced with a diaper pin, or was it zipper, zipper pull thing, AND diaper pin?

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    Then what would have happened if she wasn't?

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    Ehh ill highly doubt it is a AB.
    I know i would put stuff on my backpack including the zipper.
    Might have been just a decorating thing to personalize and not AB

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    She probably wasn't My friends in high school used diaper pins as accessories.

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    Most likely not a AB. I used baby pins to fix my back pack all the time in highschool. In fact I just stitched my motorcycle jacket together with baby pins. They work wonders when you really need them.

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    My dad use's a diaper pin to keep his locket key clipped onto his swimming trunks. He also use's baby powder after taking a shower... He's clearly not a AB. I figured he would of told me by now considering he's known for some time about me.

    Oh plus when he was a kid he was scared he would get put into cloth diapers for a stint of bed wetting at either a relative's house or some babysitter. Also he's scared he might need diaper's one day due to a medical condition (MD). He told me both of these thing's since I was freaking out over thinking I wasn't normal because of this stuff.

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    Just for the record, it's probably not a good idea to ask a stranger about AB/DL stuff, no matter how discreetly you do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilMarky View Post
    Just for the record, it's probably not a good idea to ask a stranger about AB/DL stuff, no matter how discreetly you do it.

    I completely agree, some people would think you are quite strange by just confronting them about things like this. As most have said, lot's of people use diaper pins for other applications. Judging by your post im going to evaluate this on the basis of this girl being a teenager or around that age. I would make that "black and white" assumption based on the fact that she has a school bag ( I know, that arguement doesn't hold much water) and also the fact that teenagers often get into weird fads and find that by using different objects to define themselves, they learn more about themselves and who they want to be. These objects can include, but are not lmited to, diaper pins .YMMV.


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    I can't agree more with Marky and Ron, keep your questions to your self when it comes to people you don't know. Seriously if someone walked up to you (lets say you had something on that wasn't necessary out of place like a black bracelet or something simple) and asked if you liked to pretend you were the tooth fairy (you get the idea),wouldn't you be a little freaked out? Personally if you saw me, while I was out and wearing a few "little" accessories (plushy backpack, light up paci, rainbow necklace etc) and just asked me if I was an AB I'd probably just give you the most disgusted look I could muster (you just don't ask random people that sort of thing man). I know it can be tough to repress the feelings of reaching out, but there is a time and a place for it, try just getting to know a few open minded people and see where that takes you. Please don't take any of the above personally, I'm just making an example. Best of luck in finding open minded people, kiddo ~Stunner

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