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Thread: Halo 3 and xbox live

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    Default Halo 3 and xbox live

    so, in 9 days, i will be receiving an xbox 360 for my birthday . i was wondering, if anyone who plays it, would like to do some kind of co-op game together. you could get as many people together and we can all play halo online. anyway, before you all say its a bad idea and it wont work, i think it might, might just be cool to do something in the likeness. thanks, Jester

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    It could work...I would consider joining too...But not co-op...I would do some multiplayer though (I haven't play Halo in a while >.>)

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    Meh I could see what I am up to, I used to be a Halo God I am still pretty damn good but I can only maintain about a level 40, I am about to get WOW though and I work about 63ish hours a week and I am helping to get my parents house ready to sell but send me a pm with your gamertag and I'll send you mine.

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    I have a Live account and Halo (along with a lot of other games for my 360).

    I can give you my gamer tag if you want it... though I'm not always online. We could play Halo together at some point if you want.

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    I got Halo 3! BUT I can't Be on my computer and Live at the same time. I can't get past level 12 or 14, I suck to much...

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    When you get it feel free to add me, My gamertag is GoldenShox. I have halo 3.

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    i wont get a chance until july 2... that is when i will finally get an xbox 360. but later on hope to get online.

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