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Thread: How young do you feel?

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    Default How young do you feel?

    Thar is times I fill like I'm a 3 year old insead and Thar's time I for git how old I really am win I'm playing in my nursery. So have that aver happen to you. I hop it's not just me.

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    I feel like I'm 3 or so. Like I should be potty training, but I just dont wanna give up my diapees yet!

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    I feel like I'm 12. Apparently, I look so young I could pass as 14.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I generally feel 28 years old. The physical body is older.

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    That's a loaded question. There are many factors through which a person can assess their maturity level (which I believe is a more accurate question, since age is simply a number). Personally, I split it into four main categories.

    Physically: This I'll need to split further. There is how I look, and how I am. I am physically 18 years old; however my growth was hampered at a young age, so I'm fairly small for a guy, I have a very young looking face, and am wiry thin (95 lbs). I appear to be closer to 14, and sometimes people have assumed I'm as young as 12 or 13. This is an arbitrary measurement of maturity, in my opinion, as it's completely based on looks.

    Cognitively: Although I wouldn't say I am smarter than people my age, my thought process seems to be a bit ahead of the curve. I'm not saying that I am a genius, but I do think that I'm a few years ahead of my peers. I would say that this "age" would be closer to a 22 year-olds.

    Emotionally: I have extremely good control over my emotions, which sharply contrasts with my actual age. I definitely can't relate to the over-the-top high school drama that everyone gets so worked up over. I don't even really feel negative stress. Positive stress I put to good work, but negative stress kind of rolls off my back like water. I'd put this around the thirties. I occasionally have off days, but I'm nearly always in control and can properly channel my emotions productively.

    Socially: This is definitely where I falter. I am about as socially competent as a 12 year-old. I'm not proud of it, but I can admit it. I chatter a lot, and tend to interrupt people. I get hyped and worked up when lots of people are around. I'm sure I'll eventually get better, but this seems to be going at a slower rate than everything else. I'm not terrible in small groups, but I really tend to lose it as the group gets larger.

    And that's how I would divide myself up.

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    Default varies. I feel like a child inside all the time, but that age can flop about a lot; from about 14 (very rare, usually only during sexitimes) to down to 8 (my usual age) and finally allll the way down to about 3 or 4 (when I need cuddles and taking care of and to cry). But like 90% of the time I feel like an exciteable little pre-teen girl X3

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    I often feel older than I actually am, which helps with making proper decisions, but sucks when I have "little" time.

    I'm sorry if this wasn't the answer you were expecting! :P

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    I've always felt younger than I actually am. I honestly can't believe I'm going to be 22 later this year. That feels so very old. Honestly I feel 18. At best. 12 most days, feeling as if I'm a kid trying to pretend to be an adult. It's really unhealthy. -_- But I just don't have the independence or anything else I need to feel like a full fledged adult. That's a problem with the recession. I can't be on my own because I can't afford it (along with my own issues).

    But I like playing a large ageplay spectrum really, in comparison with others. 80% of my little time I'm decidedly 3. Enough to have a little bit of the princess complex, but still have accidents and need lots and lots of cuddles. Just old enough to have a little bit of a bratty side and get into trouble- like flushing toilet paper down the potty for fun... But young enough to still really need Mommy or Daddy for almost everything.

    Then I have an older 5-10 year old streak. A little diva, and somewhat precocious. >.< But I'll still play with barbies and have princess dress up. It's a little rarer, and while I do like being more of a kid than so very little sometimes, it's an oddity. I also tend towards either side of the spectrum more than being 8 ish. Probably because both 5 and 10 have more life defining moments than say 8.

    ... I'm weird.

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