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Thread: Ever have something happen that makes you chuckle and think of a movie scene?

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    Default Ever have something happen that makes you chuckle and think of a movie scene?

    Earlier tonight, I decided to go for a walk and get some air despite the wind and a cold-front coming in. Anyway, as I was walking the local campus, my Indians batting practice ballcap flys off my head! The wind was that strong! So I chase after it, and as I was chasing it, I had an image come to my head- A corny image too.

    In the opening credits of the 1980 Popeye live-action feature film starring Robin Williams, there's a scene where a guy loses his hat and starts to chase after it as the song Sweethaven plays over the montage scenes... as I thought of that scene and ultimately caught my hat... I had a gut-busting laugh and couldn't help but keep thinking about it. lol.

    Still chuckling over it. lol.


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    That happens with me and family members here at home a lot. Usually a line from an old movie will come to mind when we hear or experience something, many times from old Marx Bros. movies which we enjoy watching. Usually when it comes to mind we'll quote the line outloud and have a good laugh.


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    I am always quoting movies at my friends or family.

    But for me, Just about every song that plays on the radio reminds me of some movie or another

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